Who are the dopes? Is it Canada and Mexico? Or is it the United States? In the very near future Canada will no longer have a prohibition on Pot. This could happen by 2018. Mexico is moving in that direction too. In late 2016 medical marijuana was approved for license and sale. And here we are in the United States a pickle in the middle. How can we a citizens continue to criminalize pot when our neighbors are realizing only criminals make pot criminal. Canada and Mexico will put a hurt on drug cartels when pot is legal. The U.S. looses as we remain a haven for criminal activity, mainly the gangs that shoot up our cities.

The prospect of stoner’s overrunning society is unfounded. Does the U.S. needlessly prohibit pot to protect citizens from ourselves? Or is the prohibition here to protect liquor interest? To protect pharmaceutical interest? To inflict punishment on certain groups in our society?

One day in the future the United States will wake up to an economic reality. The Wall that Trump promised will be nothing more than a sieve for drug travelers to Mexico. The open border with Canada will be like a freeway as vacation travel from the plains states and rust belt spurs pot commerce. The West Coast and the few states to legalize pot will prove that people left to their own will behave rationally.  We are surely the dope when we let our leadership tell us otherwise.

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