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Upside Down



Not only is this bike upside down but so is much of the world view these days. The people of North Africa who started this revolution over higher food prices need to know Westerners have their backs. How we do this is by using our bikes which reduces our dependence on ethanol. Crop land for fuel is one factor leading to higher food prices. Mandated by the the US Government ethanol blends have been increased to 15%. Using less ethanol also decreases demand for oil so the supply goes up and prices go down. Does riding a bike symbolize a worldview that you can live with? Now is not the time to sit on your hands and do nothing. Do motion. Move more and feed your car less.


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Mid Winter Thaw



Last week -10 below F This week 40’s F. The challenge we are facing regardless of the weather are road conditions. Frankly, Minneapolis has the worse street conditions of anyplace I’ve lived. Literally cars are breaking from foot deep pot holes. I replaced a set of broken springs last month. Now I play whack the pot hole as I dream about breaking something else. Leaving the car behind just got a whole lot easier.

I want to thank the Mayor for not addressing this problem. I’ll thank him next time at the polls on election day.

Hey, how about the Non-violent middle east. All these years we’ve been told this is a cauldron ready to explode and bringing on WWIII. Did we get our information wrong? Where was WikiLeaks on this?

So much for trusting those in the know. Do just the opposite of what you know. It worked for George Kastanza.

Upside down and backwards is looking better the more we look at it. If you haven’t given the Rev 2 handlebar a shot on one of your loaner bikes then you’re missing out on a new pleasure in biking. May be the only pleasure when Spring comes.

The roads will be barely passable and drivers are thinking, get out of my way, bumping from one pot hole to the next. Maybe we should protest for medical pot hole relief in solidarity with our middle east brothers and Wisconsin state employees. Or get real about how fast the headlines fade in our mind. Can we protest our own behavior and not call it guilt?

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Shades of Gray


Any successful venture is full of shades of gray. In business when a product is being delivered to a customer the customer doesn’t know or care what is behind the scenes, they just want their purchase. So it is with biking. The skill which it takes to ride on ice and snow is given little appreciation when what we see is an effortless balancing act.

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Ice Bike


Loppet 2011 in Minneapolis this weekend. Ice bike race on frozen lagoon in the City of Lakes Uptown. Big turn out with spectators’ riding in fair weather conditions. Check out flick for more bike photos. Sponsors say this winter event is the largest ski event in the country this year.

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One On One

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Stopped in at One On One bicycle cafe/shop while I was Downtown Minneapolis. Had my camera along. The shop is known far and wide. Always gets press. Google Geno if you want to know more. This is hub of bike culture in Minneapolis. So when in town take time to stop by.

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Black and White

Today felt like a B/W day. The group shot is of the Versus “City Limits Fishing” crew who happen to be in Minneapolis filming some ice fishing. Spoke with Doug Bunzy director of this segment. The crew goes all over the country fishing within the city limits. If you have time check out the link. Possibly Versus will want to do a traveling show on urban biking culture to highlight regions and people who know a bad day biking is better than a good day at the office.

The second photo was a random sticker on a bike rack where I parked. Don’t read to much into this sticker, a church maybe. Like all of nature being a sacred church, but please don’t think biking is a religion.

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No excuses

What is the big deal with riding in the winter? Clothing should be a no brainer. It is cold outside so figure out what keeps you warm before you strike off on a ride.  Don’t know where to start, then look closely at the type of apparel you already own. There may be ‘cross over ‘ gear that you can use for biking activities. Still don’t know what to wear? Most people will tell  you to layer your clothing. I’ll tell you to put a hat on and your layers on at least five minutes before you leave the house or office so that you bring your temperature up to toasty so that you start out warm when you hit the street. If you are still reluctant to extend your biking season then try taking a walk for seven days in a row to acclimate yourself to your winter environment. While winter biking is just one of many daily motions, outdoor walking and running complement bicycling. I emphasis outdoor since the effect is to get out of the house and office as much as possible in the winter. So don’t make excuses for your winter fat and how you are a couch potato. One more day of cold weather biking is one less day of winter!

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