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The Detroit Handlebar on Bridgestone XO-4 two iterations

The Bridgestone XO-4 is my platform bike for the Detroit Handlebar and will be seen in two iterations on this post.  Since the components are off the shelf and the REV2 modification page helps with easily assembly by the DIY, these cockpits are both under $50.00.

The first iteration uses MTB levers from my Rollo, new handlebar tape, a five dollar shifter from One on One in Minneapolis, one new derailleur cable, a five dollar drop bar from the defunct Cars Are Coffins, a gooseneck from my parts shelf and a pair of REV2 mods. All of the original Bridgestone cockpit equipment is awaiting sale on e-bay. Make note, the original combination brake lever/dual action thumbshifters and crescent handlebar serve a popular fashion function for “static hand” positioning. What the bike industry does not tell bike riders is that the static hand position also guarantees that your torso and limbs are also static. Doh! A static hand compounds bike riders complaints about shoulders hurting, hands going numb, bottoms that burn, legs and knees that hurt. So the Detroit Handlebar you choose is far superior to “All Static Handlebars”

The second iteration was completed last night. It is a bit different in that it is using my first set of thumb shifters. These are a set of Falcon friction shifters that you can buy for about fifteen bucks. The other change is a pair of Cain Creek pass through brake levers I got off Craigslist for ten bucks. I also eliminated my REV2 mod because I didn’t need it for this install. I used cabling from my parts bin. What I like is the clean look of the hidden cables on this iteration. If I was to use barcon shifters I would install the REV2 to complete the ergonomics that are necessary for those components.

Here is a look.

Bridgestone XO-4 The Detroit Bar

Here is another look

Bridgestone XO-4 with Falcon Shifters- clean hidden cablesBridgestone XO-4 with Falcon Shifter clean hidden cables

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