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Rev 2 Handle Bar End Modification DIY


The bar end modification is the component that converts a chop and flop racing handlebar into the REV 2 Handlebar. Pictured is one pair of the prototype and is easily assembled. All of the parts can be bought at the local hardware store. Here is a list of parts to make one pair

2 machine screws 10-24 x 2 1/2 inch
2 hex nuts 10-24 to fit screw
4 star washers
4 5/16 washers
2 PVC elbow 1 inch 45 degree
2 heater hose 1/2 inch ID and 1 3/4 inch long each
2 1/2 length of skinny inner tube
2 1/2 inch OD hollow steel or aluminum tube 1 1/2 long

Cost of parts are approximate: per set
screws .40
hex huts . 22
star washer .40
5/16 washer .40
45 degree elbow 1..00
heater hose .40
skinny inner tube free
hollow tube 2.00-3.00 or less
total approximate parts cost $5-$6 per pair

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Housing assembly
Drill hole in elbow just above bend with small bit then enlarge with 1/4 bit so that screw driver can fit through, this will be the rear of assembly

Hose assembly
put skinny tire tube over one end of heater hose length,flush to end
insert hollow tube into hose flush with the rear.

assemble screw, star washer and 5/16 washer and insert into hose assembly from rear.

The screw fits through hollow 1/2 inch tube and hose. The screw protrudes about 1/2 inch.
Fit the second set of washers.. 5/16 first, star and then hex nut.
Finger tighten the nut against the washer/hose.

Note: You may use Gorilla Glue to secure hose and housing assembly, but I have found that a little wiggle room can prevent damage to bar end components if you are involved in a crash. Hopefully, the modification gives way before your brake lever or shifter does. Also, wiggle room helps dampen road vibration where your hands meet the modification.

Complete modification:
Push hose assembly into housing assembly and seat it.
Depending on the ID of your handlebar you may have to take some materials down a millimeter or two. The hose can be easily filed. When inserting into the handlebar end use liquid soap to ease entry.
To secure: tighten screw down as hard as you can turn.
To finish the job tape the edge of the modification to the handelbar end.

Note on chopping racing handlebar.
Best method is using a tube cutter, next best is a hack saw.
Where you want to cut is right where the curve ends and the drop begins. So you chop the drop, about 4 inches.

Note on component set up:

There are many types of shifter/brake components and I have modified four samples based on OEM parts or new parts. The basic concept is to try out your existing gear and see if one of these samples works for you.  Handlebar shifters/brake levers must be installed before modification. Bar end components install after modification is in place. Finally, wrap the handlebar with good cork tape. Have fun with this and let me know how this works for you.


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Feminine Form Handlebar

Dinner at Olivier’s in New Orleans Upstairs. The private room where this photo hangs was taken by the owner who has a wonderful eye for the female form. The highlights accentuate and give strength to the subtle feminine lines and is remarkably close to the form of the REV 2 Handlebar.

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Lees Liquor Lounge

Lees Liquor Lounge

There is little attention being paid to symptomatic repurposing of racing handlebars. I found this prime work outside of Lees at the terminus to the Cedar Lake Trail. Biking should be comfortable and it apparently was not for this person and the standard  racing handlebar set-up. No shit. I want to loosen my belt every time I climb aboard a racer. Well there are plenty of folks who may laugh at the above “fix” go ahead and laugh, it really is laughable, but someone was trying to hit the mark. The very least is that the bike industry will laugh with you and at you as long as you fall for their idea of comfort which is always a gimmick. In Minneapolis you see 10 speed bikes with original equipment  everywhere in Uptown. The hipsters that are riding these bikes don’t know why they hurt so much because they have been told that biking is inherently painful. My ass. These bikes hurt 35 years ago because drop bars and skinny seats were never meant for short stop and go situations. What is a person to do? Well if you have seen some of the Rollo pictures and looked closely at the masthead picture you will observe the repurposed racing bars that I am modifying. My symptoms were no different than many of you, the Lees guy included. But over an entire lifetime of riding I can say now, that I have never felt closer to my biking than now with this Rev 2 modification. Bicycling is not why we ride, but how we roll.

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