Ron the Wino or Donald Trump 5 questions

What we know about Donald Trump, Presidential Candidate, is pretty much what he wants us to know. So why do so many people like Trump if all they know is the press coverage? What is it about HIM that he can count on those people who might vote for Trump to actually like HIM without knowing him. These five questions attempt to challenge your Trump knowledge to answer  based on what you know about Trump. To keep you guessing I want to introduce someone I know, a Wino called “Ron”, who is in his own way a lot like HIM. Can you guess who it is Don or Ron?

1. When he walks into a bank the people call him by his first name?

2. He has a driver take him wherever he wants to go in the city?

3. Prefers younger women?

4. Bully’s his rivals in negotiations?

5. Privately disdains anyone other than whites?

Here’s your answers. All of the above are Ron the Wino. And if you think voting for Trump is better than voting for Ron the Wino you don’t know Ron. Either way you loose.

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The Third Way

The last week of March 2015 in the United States of America could be a scene from a movie called the “Rebirth of a Nation” for one Indiana Governor. The citizens of the state of Indiana were divided by legislatures and their fundamentalist bed partners with passage of a bigoted Religious Freedom Restoration Act. In doing so the best and worse intentions are playing out as April 2015 kicks off over the fight for the base Republican vote.  One week in the spotlight of social media both business and politics have wielded on one another, the center of outrage in the stomach churning events of the RFRA bill,  is the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence. Public appearances by the Governor in the week behind us have been cringe worthy. This is a man who cannot see there is a third way to resolution for many people. Mr. Pence may see only two options in that his own religious beliefs have instilled. Option one is to convert others to your beliefs. Option two is to put a bullet into your own head Mr. Pence if you can’t convert the heathens. Mr. Pence there is a third way. Option three is to not judge where it is no crime to love and no time to hate.  When will reflection enter the mind and soul for Pence as he has called out to Hoosiers and the nation for healing? He has failed the fundamentalist brethren whose ideology is at the heart of his beliefs. He has failed in his job while standing up for his beliefs and betrayed the citizens of Indiana and our nation. Mr. Pence is hurting right now. He is no doubt praying.

The public image of Mr. Pence is captured in many news worthy appearances and has dumbfounded reason as he brought disdain upon himself. One video clip is disturbing in that Mr. Pence is breathing heavily for many seconds before he makes his verbal address. The sound of his breaths are much like gasp of a dying man. The politics this man suffers is at the core of his beliefs and is reaching out more than his advisers and the public know. Mortal men as we are Pence is near the edge of mental instability. He has been called out for his capacity to govern. Maybe it is time to look at the third way Mr. Pence. Option one is no longer an option, you have not made any converts and Option two would be such a waste since your religion does not accept suicide and make martyrs saints. The third way is for Mr. Pence to step down and relinquish his elected office and get mental health care.  Call it being re-born again Mr. Pence and do it this time in the name of the Lord in the name of Love.

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BooM and BusT

Read this passage in your mind with the voice of a Southern Baptist preacher with a booming baritone and periodic pause with long ending inflections

Intended as parody.

As news aggregators are awash with catchy headlines to lure the public reader into side alleyways to contemplate the moment, the next passing thought and to the affairs which the future of humanity hangs in the balance, the more immediate effect on the public reader is confusion and disillusion, rage and rampage, stomping brain cells flat-out like a puppy in a barn under the hoof of a Clydesdale leaving contusions of the mind to absorb the shock until there is nothing left of the muscle to regenerate an original thought, because the drone of public opinion has become nothing more than white noise playing in the background as, the soundtrack for a boom and bust world, whereas the natural world never before had such report, what was built, the record is lost of the builder, but what was killed in the name of the Lord is legend giving us the Holy Bible, the word, God in the image of man, who can be found in Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly in a string of Killing titles, to substantiate the new-found obsession with the violence we once associated with gangs and drugs, to the more biblical and garden variety more or less derived from The Titicut Follies that play out by mental cases and the authorities who shoot back or shoot first, whatever, shooting is involved, unlike at Bridgewater where neglect and physical restraint were the method for killing inmates, much different with true crime is the erasure of human instinct or to throw out all learned behavior from our environment so who wouldn’t be feeling like trash to pull a gun on some cops only to be gunned down in the process, if replacing gang on gang murder with the domestic psycho variety is booming in these United States, the insane are acting on their lethal tendencies, if people have any other options than to look for a cure or is that impossible, will this boom turn out to be a bust with over reporting, frightening us to the extent we need to isolate the public who won’t conceal and carry from those that do, protection from ourselves can be harmful in and of itself, do we all need to have ammunition at the ready for insurance against an angry family member and is this our modern species giving in to the loudest and most dangerous voices giving killing the household equivalent of Kleenex that changed everything we know in such a short time frame, what follows can’t come soon enough but, what that might be could be far worse than the killing boom times we now have.

The title BooM and BusT make note of the syllable sounds oo+us

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This being a blog about bicycles got off to a fast start in late 2010. Posting was often and the writing, well the writing evolved into a word count for many post. The subject matter veered off the wall, post were not very well-edited and were viewed by a few readers. I started writing as an exercise to do something creative and to express my passion for bicycling and love of photography. In April of 2014 after close to two years of sporadic posting I just quit writing. Well I’m back today with a post. I have strayed and played, and truth be known, the winter time is a good opportunity to start-up fresh.

The past couple years in my life have had no great shake ups. I’m settled in work and life in Duluth Minnesota. Same as two years ago. Family and friends are doing well, we are healthy! What has changed in my life could be described as a point where my future doesn’t just depend on me. It also depends on a whole lot of other people. And those people will in turn depend on me. A community of people connecting might be one way of looking at it but, this is not what I mean. I mean people depending on one another for the future to have an outcome that is their vision and not some other vision.

Special interest in this country are protecting the strong from the weak as elections ramp up and the economy stagnates. Now is the time to seek out good men and women who are ready to take this country forward in 2016. The Republican and Democratic leadership are all in the bag. They all owe someone.  Our leaders are clichés. Following the money is pretty easy these days. Koch Brothers and Davos! Great leadership will stay away from the money. Blogs and Twitter are free! The news aggregators that eventually pick up the buzz are free too! What I see in my world is a counter attack on the daily local and regional newspapers that have a narrow agenda.  These sources of news influence and divide citizens along patriotic and christian lines. You are either pro this or anti that. What if we thought of others like the characters in “The Interview” who said, “You hate us because you ain’t us?” Really shallow thinking for those that only want to be ourselves and nobody else. The time to depend on people who do what they say they will do is more important now than in recent memory. The big slide and divide has made it so.

It’s a wonderful thing to be charged about the fucked up situation in America, poor pay, student debt, foreign fear, civil rights, women’s rights, and any topic on the Jon Stewart Show. Where are those among us that can tear themselves away from the price of gas and the threat of weather? Take a step back. Write yourself an IOU. That is like IOmE. Because when you PAY attention to yourself and the shit around you, once and for all depending on people who are depending on you too. How do you know the camp you are in has a chance in hell to make right some of the shit going down in our country? Here are the 10 ways you know those in your camp. 1. You would vote to legalize pot now in your state if put to a vote. 2. A woman can get an abortion for whatever reason. 3. Mostly you identify as yourself. 4. War is not the answer. 5. You question authority. 6. You are fired up rather than fearful. 7. Big special interest are dangerous. 8. You know bull shit when you hear it. 9. Religion is no biggy. 10. Your aren’t trying to change anyone.

The momentum is here for our camp. The missing key is ambitious individuals that don’t turn out to be assholes that can lead this camp. We have unfortunate leaders in both parties at every level of government. It is our task to get involved with our candidates and let them know what we want. If they can’t deliver the goods let’s get them out of office. It may be a very interesting election cycle ahead. Let’s get involved now! You owe it to yourself and the ones you love.

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Winter be Gone

It’s about time for the Winter of 2013-2014 to be gone. Here in Duluth MN we have been hit with another seasonal snow. For perspective the snows last April totaled four feet and we didn’t see the first signs of Spring until mid May. The positive spin on this April is we have already had 60 degree days. The town is buzzing with runners and bikers whenever the sun is shining. This will be my second Spring in Duluth. Natives say there is no Spring only mud. It’s best to leave your boots at the door. Our friends bring house slippers when visiting. This is the custom. Like a Siberian Holiday that has been going on since Thanksgiving, the snow is pretty today. Our memory of the record 40 plus continuous days when the temperature fell below zero have only hardened our resolve to get outdoors as much as we can while even the mud won’t stop us.

There was a time growing up in Indiana when I was the only person walking or biking on the street. What was this thing in my DNA for movement? It was lonely. Where were the other people? There was no mud, there was very little snow, it rained sometimes in the summer time and the fall was spectacular. But, where were the everyday people? If they didn’t have this movement gene, mythical gene, made up gene, then possibly, it was their local “custom” that prevented them from self-propelled movement. Because I still have family and friends in Indianapolis I don’t mean for them to take offense to this by saying, the custom at the time was being too busy with big Catholic families. Our times were spent at ice cream social and Monte Carlo nights, Midnight Mass. I don’t know of a family of 10-17 kids who could afford to outfit them with individual bikes. I’m not sure how you could get them to even walk down the sidewalk together without seeming like an evacuation or fire drill. Those were the times growing up. People, kids. big ass families. And never really seeing them outdoors. I longed for more human contact. And knew I had to go. Get out of there.

Doug Stanhope is a comedian who said in Harper’s May 2014 issue he has audiences that often complain about their lousy hometown. And reminds them, “you can leave.” I left Indianapolis a long time ago. My 25-year-old was born elsewhere if that tells you anything. Something I took with me and have carried all this time is knowing that people everywhere are generally no different at their very core than where we all come from. That is reassuring to know people can be counted on. Generic in a way. Normal sort of. But. There is always a but. You have to know when to leave. Or for that matter just to get out of the house. Restlessness is good for the soul of a place when trust and safety in our public places are central to our existence. I found this living in Puerto Rico at the beach, in the countryside, towns and city.

And in New England where it is a common expression “Wherever you are you are already there.” The reality is of moving within a place, with people about.  Walking or bicycling is the custom for billions of the earths inhabitants. To find this custom in America is a rare thing. Boston is a walkable city because you really don’t need a car. Indianapolis is not a walkable city because like L.A. the car is King and nobody walks in L.A.. A small city like Duluth is more walkable than you can imagine even though the town is built on a hillside. The custom is to walk in Duluth. There is even a place called the Lakewalk, a 6 mile linear park. Then there is the elevated indoor Skywalk System in Duluth connecting downtown with Canal Park and this system totals a couple of miles. Customs are changing for better or worse through out time. There is no more main street in America but even now that Phoenix may be rising from the ashes.

Let’s remember that Italians know something about customs. The Passeggiata is the slow walk taken after work and before dinner in the old town plazas, streets and parks of Italy. And it is every night of the week in Summer. You go to be seen. To share good times over an ice cream or coffee. To listen to music. Just to dress up a bit and live a little. So happy for the restless at heart in desire who walk.



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We Can’t Eat Cake….

Eating in moderation or going through life and doing stuff in moderation is something my dad would say is a good rule to follow. I agree. Too much of a good thing can spoil it for you. On the other hand most of us smugly don’t think its anyone’s business but our own if we overindulged, puke and do it all over again. Super market snob can be an in your face kind of guy sometimes.  Dads’ advice about moderation goes completely out the door and when it comes to stepping over that boundary of decorum which, separates you and me in the grocery aisle. You want to hear how disastrous your eating is and then you yell at me for saying “moderation in  things in life” including eating. “We can’t have our cake and eat it to”.  That’s what this blog is all about isn’t it? So get over it and keep reading.

A family friend mentioned she wouldn’t mind living communally cooking and sharing other domestic chores. Instead of every household separated at meal time an entire block of people could  share a meal. In urban areas like-minded people buying houses on the same block is a great idea that is until they start to sleep with one another. Communes in the “olden days” that I am familiar with became cults or were disbanded when they became havens for free loaders. People can be idealistic fools to a point. It’s in our nature. These idealist become the people who get things done and the change that comes, come from the idealist or realist, whatever you want to call them. Not from the conformist or follower of trends or the herd.

It’s one of those weeks when both my wife and I are traveling and there are piles of food left from last weekend when we had house guests. I’ve invited my son over for dinner and hope to send him home with a care package. Whatever we don’t eat he is welcome to it.

Hummus is on the dinner menu tonight with our son. This is one of the left over dishes from the weekend. The dish is prepared fresh and easy with a blender or food processor. Super market snob did not prepare the suggested “kid friendly” version from the back of the garbonzo bean can. Which, is the crux of this blog post. Kids are people too. Get it. They eat the same food as you, the adult in the room or they don’t eat at all, at least to a point.

Plain Hummus is a delicious food. Kid friendly hummus is? I”ll let you decide. Here is the recipe.

Kid Friendly Hummus

1 can (15oz) Garbonzo Beans, 1 cup fat-free cottage cheese, 1/4 cup nonfat plain yogurt, 1 (1 ounce) packet ranch dip mix, 1 tbs fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1 tbs olive oil, 1 tbs chopped garlic,

Blend all ingredients together in a food processor until smooth.

Now, I must say Super market snob has had a revulsion to cottage cheese since early childhood. Vomit taste better! As a food Hummus traditionally is prepared with Tahini, ground sesame seeds. Add garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and maybe fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme. Fresh HERBS. That’s about it. Cut with a dash of water to smooth things out. Now why does the Kid Friendly version have all these other bullshit ingredients? Do kids nowadays love Ranch? Love cottage cheese? Love plain yogurt? And tell me what does this Kid Friendly version taste like? I will not even waste a good 77 cent can of garbonzos to find out. Believe me, Tahini is the dominant taste in this dish! Cooking 101 over and out……….

Will the student in the front row please stand up. Question? What is the taste in Kid Friendly Hummus? OK, ummmmhhhh, the teacher says that the taste is the packet of Ranch dip mix. So, what is in Ranch dip mix? First, let Super market snob remind readers that the packet weighs, 28 grams, 1 ounce. Remember from your drug studies that an ounce of marijuana is 28 grams, four fingers to the initiated. I digress. Let’s proceed. So, I looked up the ingredients of Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix and drum roll please………People complained first and foremost of the additives, primarily Monosodium Glutamate, MSG. Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix does not have any nutritional value what so ever. But, people will spend hard-earned cash on flavor? Arrrgh….Don’t we know better than to eat this stuff? Let’s feed it to the kids now and let them sort it out why mommy and daddy fed them this s$#t and not the simple traditional hummus. Can we not be honest to our kids at least? How long do we want them to believe in Santa, the Easter bunny or good health without trying? As adult eaters so many of us are lost and the best thing we can do for our kids it to not drag them down too. We can not have our cake and eat it too. Who said that?…………….old English proverb.


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Personal Pizzasizeit

As I mentioned last week that upon finishing posting that pizza was my next meal for the household. I made a variation as I tend to do. I left out the garlic and added spinach. The final result was delicious. Good food made simple. Though Supermarket snob could not be satisfied with just tasty or quick and appreciation for making the meal. No, the snob went the extra yard to make the pizza personal pan size. The portions were intentionally made for one.

Personal Pizza cost about $1.25 each. Serve at Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Personal Pizza cost about $1.25 each. Serve at Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Far easier for someone like me to identify with a small pizza. Sure one pan or maybe half again are enough food to eat at one sitting. A lesson taken from the Industrial Food complex that has made a science of portion control for dieters. Why not just do it for ourselves I might ask?

One 7.5 ounce portion meal cost $3.39 @ .45c per ounce, pizzasizeit  four portions total weight 25 ounces cost $5 @ .20 cents per ounce.

One 7.5 ounce portion meal cost $3.39 @ .45c per ounce, pizzasizeit four portions total weight 25 ounces cost $5 @ .20 cents per ounce.

My theory why people purchase low-calorie prepared meals over cooked at home meals I think is that for the extra money they can feel smug. Hey you, in the check out line! Look at me.. I’m on a diet and here’s proof. Boxed dinners. High cost. Investment in my diet. Look at me, I’m doing it.

Yeah, you and millions of other losers, Oh, I mean weight conscience fanatics. What I mean is-Weight loss is attainable when a balance diet is maintained not pseudo starvation.  The above meal has 150 calories in it. A 12 oz can of Coke has 140 calories. Drink that with your meal! Still less than 300 calories and about $4 total. Supermarket Snob makes comparison shopping easy to understand. Compare my pizzasizeit portions and made at home meal that kicks the $#%% out of lean cuisine. Here’s why. My Pizza fed two for dinner, one for a snack and one for breakfast at 20 cents per ounce. Lean Cuisine fed one for dinner at 45 cents per ounce. Gag me to eat this cold or at breakfast washed down with a coke.

How easy is it to portion control a roll of dough for four individual pizzas? Really, really #@$%#$ easy. So, is the extra effort any different from portion control with slices? Yes, I think so. For some people they lose count of the slices they eat. Or they tell themselves just one more slice or bite. Before long the pizza is decimated. Personal pizzasizeit and it’s far easier to eat just one. Try starting with half of a pizzasizeit. With kids this portion tactic is fun. In addition for kids the preparation and cooking is a great way to spend time. If cooking isn’t fun any efforts to eat well or lose weight will be in·fin·i·tes·i·mal.

Cook pizza in a toaster oven or conventional oven with a pizza stone. I’ve done it both ways. First, I want to give a shout out to those reading who are  challenged in a big way to eat good food on limited income. Paying the electric bill hurts for some folks. Just saying, the toaster oven is the most efficient appliance in the kitchen. That said, you can’t eat well microwaving your meals!

By the numbers today the $3.39 cost for a Lean Cuisine meal comparison to a type of processed product.  FAGE Total 2% Greek Yogurt sale price $1.22 @ 7 oz.

Per ounce cost LC 45.2 cents vs FAGE 17.5 cents —-Total Fat  LC 4g 6% DV vs FAGE 4g 6% DV —-Sat Fat LC 2g 10% DV vs FAGE 3g 15% DV, ok these numbers are so far identical or very close. But we are talking boxed meat vs dairy product and for the next set of numbers still close with Cholesterol LC 15mg 5% DV vs FAGE 10mg 3% DV. The numbers widen  a bit now. Total Carb. LC 14g 5% DV vs FAGE 8g 3% DV. Let the pendulum swing now. Sodium LC 570mg 24% DV vs FAGE 65 mg 3% DV. The almighty number for your money here is the amount of protein in the meal vs dairy. Protein LC 15g vs FAGE 20g 40%DV . I want to pause here and say I did not leave out the protein % DV for the LC meal intentionally as it’s broken down in a bizarre way. See below label. The protein winner by a long shot is FAGE. These two products are packaging protein primarily. Lean Cuisine is gouging the consumer who is too smug to invest in a good piece of lean meat, saute some mushrooms and onions in wine and blanch a broccoli stem. Supermarket snob can do it and so can you. Just don’t buy this stuff anymore. Get hooked on healthy eating.

No Vegetable Servings in Lean Cuisine.

No Vegetable Servings in Lean Cuisine.

No surprise here there are no vegetable servings in the Lean Cuisine meal as per the labeling. By the numbers Supermarket Snob is scratching his head why anyone is buying this less is more bull#$#$! Less protein more money. No vegetables in yogurt either but there isn’t broccoli pictured on the package. Honesty the ingredients list on the Lean Cuisine package has brocoli as the first ingredient. But, I question how honest is the whole concept of package meals? There it is in bold print Vegetable Servings 0. ZERO sucker! See label above. Can’t very well put this information on the front of the package in BOLD. Supermarket snob is reading the labels and does not like what I see. Problem is this is the sort of bad nutrition, insane economic imbalance and out right bait and switch package prepared food makers resort to to capture your hard-earned dollars. The supermarket is a battle zone not a happy zone. Consumers can’t see the forest for the trees. We could say that it’s all food, the stuff on grocery shelves. Until we realize it isn’t food when we begin to read the label. A good start for anyone that wants to change the way they eat is to start in the produce section and get to know vegetables and fruit. Funny none of the produce has labels. Could be that we knew all along this stuff was good for us and dag namit the government thought enough also that it’s not a requirement to label fruits and vegetables. Seems we can correlate prepared package meals with the need for nutritional labeling and the out of control eating habits that the snobs from the Industrial Food Complex have hooked. Now if we could get the truth on the front of the package so the suckers buying the stuff can get a clue.

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