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What does your Cock[pit say to you?

The question was asked of me why go to the bother to install a REV2 mod? What purpose does the REV2 mod serve when a reversed flop and chop gets me higher and closer to the action? What’s the point if I have to explain it, and anyhow, I would botch it up with my broken english. So, I want to give it over to my Cock[pit who knows better than I what works and what doesn’t. This is what my Cock[pit is saying to me, albet I needed to employ a translator of a sort, since I don’t speak Portuguese.

I started out mind you, with the intention of going through my twilight years unencumbered, snoozing in a dark parts box on a cool shelf after having spent many secure years as a racing cock[pit for the Nishiki  brand name. Well, as a matter of course racing drop bars are a pretty thing among the crowd I run in, well, the crowd I once was a part of, young and vibrant, like the day would never stop shining, those days gone,  late in the  70’s.

Then came the lost decades when my driver stopped riding me. Mom and Dad would take care of me he said. Twenty five years went by in that garage, while Mr. College graduate moved to the coast and mom and dad got grey. Then one day a whole bunch of people showed up for a garage sale. Man, I thought they were selling the roof right out from under my head. No, wait, everything was selling, everything including me. Not me I screamed, take the garage. Sorry the garage says, I stay and you all must go. And off I went in the back of some beat pick-up truck to a place called the bone yard. And there I rested tangled in a heap of hundreds of bicycles bidding time until the dismantler showed up for work. Nice friendly, dismantler, he liked his job and was gentle with me. And in a box I went up on to a shelf, getting  looked at every once in a while, the prospect of a new home becoming but a faint glimmer.

Bridgestone XO-4 with reverse brake levers and Falcon thumb shifters Detroit Handlebar 2012

So, this fellow comes into the bone yard one day and buys up all the racing drop bars for like $5 dollars apiece. I’ve heard of the recycler before, the one who takes you to the smelter, but he didn’t look anything like I would imagine a recycler to look like. No, we got packed up and toted to another sweet garage and then hung out like a display. On a Saturday afternoon, that’s when I lost it, I mean that’s when he came with a tube cutter and disected my  two bar ends. Chop. Chop. A good 4″ of me gone. May as well take the rest of me to the recycler, I’d been amputated! Like a mad scientist he worked a new curvy bar end onto the old me and it really was sort of nice seeing it on me when he was finished. Oh, and then the not so mad scientist did something topsy turvy to me that I’ll never get over. Instead of me looking out towards the road ahead now I could see my rider and the road behind. This new window on the world wasn’t so bad afterall. It was engaging to know the rider was taking this old thing, me, and giving me new life, new reverse brake levers and new bar tape, I’d gone soooo long without tape ooh  aaahhh.  Then it hit me. The rider mounted the new bike and took hold of me, his cock[pit, and there in the garage as we spun out into the daylight were other cock[pits that looked like me. Not knowing what to expect I just let him hang on with this fierce grip that was also gentle. I was beside myself. His hands moved over my tubing every so lightly at times and at other times when braking this new curvy bar end would be like a phantom before I once would get used to it’s life of it’s own. The crazy thing about this story, as a former racing handlebar I have the ability to speak, but this new creation that the mad scientist stuck in me cannot speak as we know it, more like telepathy. So, the curvy thing that is called the REV2 just wants everyone to know it is loving every minute of the ride. The REV2 knows it would only be a pile of parts and in fact that’s close to what I was, a part in a pile, if the mad scientist had not imagined a better handlebar for the world to use.


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Upside Down



Not only is this bike upside down but so is much of the world view these days. The people of North Africa who started this revolution over higher food prices need to know Westerners have their backs. How we do this is by using our bikes which reduces our dependence on ethanol. Crop land for fuel is one factor leading to higher food prices. Mandated by the the US Government ethanol blends have been increased to 15%. Using less ethanol also decreases demand for oil so the supply goes up and prices go down. Does riding a bike symbolize a worldview that you can live with? Now is not the time to sit on your hands and do nothing. Do motion. Move more and feed your car less.

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Rev 2 Handle Bar End Modification DIY


The bar end modification is the component that converts a chop and flop racing handlebar into the REV 2 Handlebar. Pictured is one pair of the prototype and is easily assembled. All of the parts can be bought at the local hardware store. Here is a list of parts to make one pair

2 machine screws 10-24 x 2 1/2 inch
2 hex nuts 10-24 to fit screw
4 star washers
4 5/16 washers
2 PVC elbow 1 inch 45 degree
2 heater hose 1/2 inch ID and 1 3/4 inch long each
2 1/2 length of skinny inner tube
2 1/2 inch OD hollow steel or aluminum tube 1 1/2 long

Cost of parts are approximate: per set
screws .40
hex huts . 22
star washer .40
5/16 washer .40
45 degree elbow 1..00
heater hose .40
skinny inner tube free
hollow tube 2.00-3.00 or less
total approximate parts cost $5-$6 per pair

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Housing assembly
Drill hole in elbow just above bend with small bit then enlarge with 1/4 bit so that screw driver can fit through, this will be the rear of assembly

Hose assembly
put skinny tire tube over one end of heater hose length,flush to end
insert hollow tube into hose flush with the rear.

assemble screw, star washer and 5/16 washer and insert into hose assembly from rear.

The screw fits through hollow 1/2 inch tube and hose. The screw protrudes about 1/2 inch.
Fit the second set of washers.. 5/16 first, star and then hex nut.
Finger tighten the nut against the washer/hose.

Note: You may use Gorilla Glue to secure hose and housing assembly, but I have found that a little wiggle room can prevent damage to bar end components if you are involved in a crash. Hopefully, the modification gives way before your brake lever or shifter does. Also, wiggle room helps dampen road vibration where your hands meet the modification.

Complete modification:
Push hose assembly into housing assembly and seat it.
Depending on the ID of your handlebar you may have to take some materials down a millimeter or two. The hose can be easily filed. When inserting into the handlebar end use liquid soap to ease entry.
To secure: tighten screw down as hard as you can turn.
To finish the job tape the edge of the modification to the handelbar end.

Note on chopping racing handlebar.
Best method is using a tube cutter, next best is a hack saw.
Where you want to cut is right where the curve ends and the drop begins. So you chop the drop, about 4 inches.

Note on component set up:

There are many types of shifter/brake components and I have modified four samples based on OEM parts or new parts. The basic concept is to try out your existing gear and see if one of these samples works for you.  Handlebar shifters/brake levers must be installed before modification. Bar end components install after modification is in place. Finally, wrap the handlebar with good cork tape. Have fun with this and let me know how this works for you.

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Mid Winter Thaw



Last week -10 below F This week 40’s F. The challenge we are facing regardless of the weather are road conditions. Frankly, Minneapolis has the worse street conditions of anyplace I’ve lived. Literally cars are breaking from foot deep pot holes. I replaced a set of broken springs last month. Now I play whack the pot hole as I dream about breaking something else. Leaving the car behind just got a whole lot easier.

I want to thank the Mayor for not addressing this problem. I’ll thank him next time at the polls on election day.

Hey, how about the Non-violent middle east. All these years we’ve been told this is a cauldron ready to explode and bringing on WWIII. Did we get our information wrong? Where was WikiLeaks on this?

So much for trusting those in the know. Do just the opposite of what you know. It worked for George Kastanza.

Upside down and backwards is looking better the more we look at it. If you haven’t given the Rev 2 handlebar a shot on one of your loaner bikes then you’re missing out on a new pleasure in biking. May be the only pleasure when Spring comes.

The roads will be barely passable and drivers are thinking, get out of my way, bumping from one pot hole to the next. Maybe we should protest for medical pot hole relief in solidarity with our middle east brothers and Wisconsin state employees. Or get real about how fast the headlines fade in our mind. Can we protest our own behavior and not call it guilt?

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What we Ride

These are four repurposed bikes we ride in Minneapolis MN. See flickr for more photo’s and Rev 2 link on blogroll. Also a video on flickr.

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Narrow Road

With the narrow roadways there are more opportunities to ride on smooth,snow free pavement. This was a warm day by Minneapolis standards so melt kept streets wet. This rider has bullhorns so take a look at rider posture. Bent and crouched over. This position has limited usefulness when navigating the first little bit of snow. With the Rev 2 Handlebar she would be more upright and ready for changing road conditions all year long.

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