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To be or not to be

To be or not to be, that is the question we ask ourselves every time that we hop aboard our bikes. To be in the present moment is undeniable with the frozen north winds blowing. To be cruising along free and easy under our own power. To be tuned into the hood. To be giving the finger to fate. To be forever young. To be in the zone. To be part of something greater. To be a citizen cyclist. To be what ever I see on my bicycle today. To be a bike snob. To be car fucking free. To be in your face. Or not to be an energy slave, not to be a hummer, not to be a gangster, not to be a poser, not to be a suit, not to be a member, not to be a fool, not to be a waster, not to be conformist, not to be anything but me.


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