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Charming and Great Location

Confederate Crusiers by domotion2011
Confederate Crusiers a photo by domotion2011 on Flickr.

We have to brighten up the day somehow in March now that winter has lost it’s traction. Those long days are coming fast as daylight savings is 9 days from now. So looking at the super snow and ice melt reality to come; I want to switch into high gear and soak up the longer evenings. What does this picture have to do with any of this, it’s not Minneapolis, but New Orleans. I think capturing the moment of our passage through a place, a season is closets to our human nature if that time spent is at a human pace unencumbered. Walking or riding time exercises our 5 senses, but also may increase our sixth sense, or intuition, by moving and doing, so that later in life we won’t have disappointed ourselves in these formative years, What better location than where you live to start biking. Your life is the beginning of a Charming and Great Location.


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