Morning Of

The Writer’s Way has the morning pages exercise for the creative mind to start the day . When the blank page is set before the “artist” it must be quickly filled with the thoughts and words for that moment and a total of three hand written pages is the goal. As the writing session develops, a new thought is inserted and nothing is rejected or critiqued. So the process moves the writer along often into territory which he may have yet to explore. The sum of the experience is to habitually write. When the morning paper is done the file is shut and the writer moves on. Not to return to the essay the writer picks up the next morning a thought and then another to pull out of thin air another three pages. This blog is the step child of exercises I did with the Artist Way last year. Sometimes as I sit and write I wonder what kind of audience is reading and then I put the thought out of my head because any art can be interpreted so many ways when the piece is finished the artist has to walk away or they are stuck. That is the message of the artist way. Don’t get stuck or get yourself unstuck.

My art if it is an art is to get on a bike and ride and to write about how that experience is the experience of a man moving in the same space as the ancestors that occupied the places that make up the community where I have residence. This is the recurring theme through out my blog postings. Today, I start my ride in the dark, a red blinkey attached to my messenger bag and a brand new route to ride,

Over the weekend I planned my route to the corner of 494 and 169 in Eden Prairie MN, a route that takes me west from Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, and through Edina MN. Saturday I got in the car and scouted possible routes and made approximations for how long the commute would take. The time I spent driving was well worth it since I was frustrated by road construction, road closings and nonexistent bridges. The course I finally took was organic in that I combined roads that appeared when they just felt right to take. Fortunately, there are alternatives that seem to be as good a route as another without that feeling that I’m going out-of-the-way. This was the first time that I used google maps to plan a route. For days I had been pouring over satellite images of Edina to get familiar with the landmass and street connections. What the images can’t tell you are the hills and street closings that exist in real-time that only a drive through will reveal.

In the round trip Saturday, I came away feeling I could easily do the ride in about 45 minutes in dry weather. This was with a head wind out of the west, which I expect with Fall to be a constant. I am going to a place with prairie in the name. What significance does Eden have I don’t know. But, the first ride was successful and pleasant along rolling sections, suburban neighborhoods and deserted office parks. Will have more after I get a Monday under my belt. So far so good.


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