“What he thinks, What he says”

What he thinks and what he says is a curiosity for many doubters of Donald Trump. The true believer may consider the mind of Donald Trump to be sound but then consider the following satire. As a believer anything coming from this man just sets you on fire. Yes, the angrier the better of course. So where does Donald Trump come up with his precious simple message? Let’s take a look into the mind of Donald Trump and his beloved rhetoric.

This piece is an assemblage of quotes “What he thinks,” from “Naked Lunch” by William Burroughs and the assemblage of quotes “What he says,” by Donald Trump as reported by Noah Bierman of Tribune Washington Bureau. March 14, 2016 Text reference Noah Bierman

What he thinks: Referring to his claim of protesters he contends are linked to Bernie Sanders and suggest his supporters would be judged differently.”These citizens have engaged the services of a Brooklyn Jew who passes himself off as the second coming of Mohammed.”

What he says:  “You go to one of these rallies? “Oh, you’ll be in trouble, They’ll lock you up for the rest of your life. They’ll give you the electric chair.”

What he thinks: Referring again to protesters at his rallies. “I recall we was doing an Impersonation Act–very high class too in Sodom, and that is one cheap town…Strictly from hunger… Well, this citizen, this fucking Philistine wandered in from Podunk Baal or some place, called me a fucking fruit right on the floor.”

What he says:  “Sometimes we talk a little tough, When I see somebody out swinging his fists, I say,’Get’em the hell out of here.” We’re a little rough.”

What he thinks:  Referring to John Kasich assertion that he was not watching Trump’ rallies or news coverage of them. “Oh Christ what a scene is this! Can tongue or pen accommodate these scandals?”

What he says:  “I don’t want a guy that watches the Golf Channel and nothing else.”

What he thinks: Referring to unverified news sources when he repeated that a man who rushed the stage at one of his events in Ohio had ties to the Islamic State militants.”A beastly young hooligan has gouged out the eye of his confrere and fuck him in the brain. “This brain atrophy already, and dry as grandmother’s c..t.” PC police…

What he says: “All I know is what’s on the Internet”

What he thinks: Referring to his justification that he would pay legal fees for supporters who roughed up protesters. “A contingent of howling simopaths swing from chandeliers, balconies and trees, shitting and pissing on passers-by. ( A simopath-technical name for this disorder escapes me-is a citizen convinced he is an ape or other simian. It is a disorder peculiar to the army, and discharge cures it.)”

What he says: “If you get hit in the face with a tomato, let me tell you, with somebody with a strong arm, at least, let me tell you, it can be very damaging.”

What he thinks: Referring to a supporter who wore a homemade T-shirt that read “legal immigrants for Trump.” Trump invited the man to join him on stage. Then he pointed to the Secret Service officers who were guarding him. “What a boy hasta put up with in this business, Gawd! The propositions I get you wouldn’t believe it…They wanta play Latah, they wanta merge with my protoplasm, they wanta replica cutting, they wanta suck my orgones, they wanta take over my past experience and leave old memories that disgust me….”

What he says: “He knows if he makes a move, he’s going to get clobbered by these guys. Did you see these guys take the guy down yesterday? Man, they took him down.”





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