Once Upon a Time

Like once upon a time there was this place called main street. On it were shops and crowds of shoppers. People want to bring it back. Hollywood could reproduce main street like right now down to the last crack in the sidewalk. Because main street is fictional it hasn’t existed for 50 years and it isn’t coming  back. We got malls to replace main street. Oh and they aren’t doing so well either. People know things are real bad in this country. Ask me.

Dude says he can make America Great again. I haven’t met someone who knows how that is going to happen. It’s like saying. Dude, I’m bringing back main street. It’s going to be spectacular. I bet. I can picture it now. A few more Detroit’s and Gary’s. The dude has been yanking your chain. Angry are we? So if so, don’t you know, it’s a long time coming. And a long time maybe, if never, before some dude could ever sway the U.S. Government from the office of the presidency to do the shit that the dude says he will do. If it came to pass that any of the shit even remotely promised comes to the eyes and ears of the people the dude will find himself behind bars. Do you think that it is prudent for you to vote to put the dude in the white house? Put another way. Do you want to be an asshole? The dude has called many people just that. Assholes. Agreeing with the dude is your choice, a bad choice. The dude is lying like a steaming turd just ready to imbed his stinking shit into your soul. Or at least the soul of your shoe.

Judgements are standard fair on the right wing circuit. Alex Jones for one has a loud mouth spewing more vitriol per second than I believe possible. You got to watch a few minutes so you can judge for yourself the blather people are hearing on the right. Scary shit. Conspiracy shit. Rumors start somewhere. We have heard more hate from the dude than anyone person in an English speaking country. Maybe Hitler spoke with the same rhetoric? I don’t know. I can’t read or speak German. About that conspiracy theory. The dude is a shill for the Vice-Presidential candidate of his choice. Could it be his wife Melania? Then when he falls ill. She takes over the office only to be usurped by the speaker of the house. I like it. Believe it because you read it here.


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