Ron the Wino or Donald Trump 5 questions

What we know about Donald Trump, Presidential Candidate, is pretty much what he wants us to know. So why do so many people like Trump if all they know is the press coverage? What is it about HIM that he can count on those people who might vote for Trump to actually like HIM without knowing him. These five questions attempt to challenge your Trump knowledge to answer  based on what you know about Trump. To keep you guessing I want to introduce someone I know, a Wino called “Ron”, who is in his own way a lot like HIM. Can you guess who it is Don or Ron?

1. When he walks into a bank the people call him by his first name?

2. He has a driver take him wherever he wants to go in the city?

3. Prefers younger women?

4. Bully’s his rivals in negotiations?

5. Privately disdains anyone other than whites?

Here’s your answers. All of the above are Ron the Wino. And if you think voting for Trump is better than voting for Ron the Wino you don’t know Ron. Either way you loose.


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