The Third Way

The last week of March 2015 in the United States of America could be a scene from a movie called the “Rebirth of a Nation” for one Indiana Governor. The citizens of the state of Indiana were divided by legislatures and their fundamentalist bed partners with passage of a bigoted Religious Freedom Restoration Act. In doing so the best and worse intentions are playing out as April 2015 kicks off over the fight for the base Republican vote.  One week in the spotlight of social media both business and politics have wielded on one another, the center of outrage in the stomach churning events of the RFRA bill,  is the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence. Public appearances by the Governor in the week behind us have been cringe worthy. This is a man who cannot see there is a third way to resolution for many people. Mr. Pence may see only two options in that his own religious beliefs have instilled. Option one is to convert others to your beliefs. Option two is to put a bullet into your own head Mr. Pence if you can’t convert the heathens. Mr. Pence there is a third way. Option three is to not judge where it is no crime to love and no time to hate.  When will reflection enter the mind and soul for Pence as he has called out to Hoosiers and the nation for healing? He has failed the fundamentalist brethren whose ideology is at the heart of his beliefs. He has failed in his job while standing up for his beliefs and betrayed the citizens of Indiana and our nation. Mr. Pence is hurting right now. He is no doubt praying.

The public image of Mr. Pence is captured in many news worthy appearances and has dumbfounded reason as he brought disdain upon himself. One video clip is disturbing in that Mr. Pence is breathing heavily for many seconds before he makes his verbal address. The sound of his breaths are much like gasp of a dying man. The politics this man suffers is at the core of his beliefs and is reaching out more than his advisers and the public know. Mortal men as we are Pence is near the edge of mental instability. He has been called out for his capacity to govern. Maybe it is time to look at the third way Mr. Pence. Option one is no longer an option, you have not made any converts and Option two would be such a waste since your religion does not accept suicide and make martyrs saints. The third way is for Mr. Pence to step down and relinquish his elected office and get mental health care.  Call it being re-born again Mr. Pence and do it this time in the name of the Lord in the name of Love.


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