BooM and BusT

Read this passage in your mind with the voice of a Southern Baptist preacher with a booming baritone and periodic pause with long ending inflections

Intended as parody.

As news aggregators are awash with catchy headlines to lure the public reader into side alleyways to contemplate the moment, the next passing thought and to the affairs which the future of humanity hangs in the balance, the more immediate effect on the public reader is confusion and disillusion, rage and rampage, stomping brain cells flat-out like a puppy in a barn under the hoof of a Clydesdale leaving contusions of the mind to absorb the shock until there is nothing left of the muscle to regenerate an original thought, because the drone of public opinion has become nothing more than white noise playing in the background as, the soundtrack for a boom and bust world, whereas the natural world never before had such report, what was built, the record is lost of the builder, but what was killed in the name of the Lord is legend giving us the Holy Bible, the word, God in the image of man, who can be found in Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly in a string of Killing titles, to substantiate the new-found obsession with the violence we once associated with gangs and drugs, to the more biblical and garden variety more or less derived from The Titicut Follies that play out by mental cases and the authorities who shoot back or shoot first, whatever, shooting is involved, unlike at Bridgewater where neglect and physical restraint were the method for killing inmates, much different with true crime is the erasure of human instinct or to throw out all learned behavior from our environment so who wouldn’t be feeling like trash to pull a gun on some cops only to be gunned down in the process, if replacing gang on gang murder with the domestic psycho variety is booming in these United States, the insane are acting on their lethal tendencies, if people have any other options than to look for a cure or is that impossible, will this boom turn out to be a bust with over reporting, frightening us to the extent we need to isolate the public who won’t conceal and carry from those that do, protection from ourselves can be harmful in and of itself, do we all need to have ammunition at the ready for insurance against an angry family member and is this our modern species giving in to the loudest and most dangerous voices giving killing the household equivalent of Kleenex that changed everything we know in such a short time frame, what follows can’t come soon enough but, what that might be could be far worse than the killing boom times we now have.

The title BooM and BusT make note of the syllable sounds oo+us

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