This being a blog about bicycles got off to a fast start in late 2010. Posting was often and the writing, well the writing evolved into a word count for many post. The subject matter veered off the wall, post were not very well-edited and were viewed by a few readers. I started writing as an exercise to do something creative and to express my passion for bicycling and love of photography. In April of 2014 after close to two years of sporadic posting I just quit writing. Well I’m back today with a post. I have strayed and played, and truth be known, the winter time is a good opportunity to start-up fresh.

The past couple years in my life have had no great shake ups. I’m settled in work and life in Duluth Minnesota. Same as two years ago. Family and friends are doing well, we are healthy! What has changed in my life could be described as a point where my future doesn’t just depend on me. It also depends on a whole lot of other people. And those people will in turn depend on me. A community of people connecting might be one way of looking at it but, this is not what I mean. I mean people depending on one another for the future to have an outcome that is their vision and not some other vision.

Special interest in this country are protecting the strong from the weak as elections ramp up and the economy stagnates. Now is the time to seek out good men and women who are ready to take this country forward in 2016. The Republican and Democratic leadership are all in the bag. They all owe someone.  Our leaders are clichés. Following the money is pretty easy these days. Koch Brothers and Davos! Great leadership will stay away from the money. Blogs and Twitter are free! The news aggregators that eventually pick up the buzz are free too! What I see in my world is a counter attack on the daily local and regional newspapers that have a narrow agenda.  These sources of news influence and divide citizens along patriotic and christian lines. You are either pro this or anti that. What if we thought of others like the characters in “The Interview” who said, “You hate us because you ain’t us?” Really shallow thinking for those that only want to be ourselves and nobody else. The time to depend on people who do what they say they will do is more important now than in recent memory. The big slide and divide has made it so.

It’s a wonderful thing to be charged about the fucked up situation in America, poor pay, student debt, foreign fear, civil rights, women’s rights, and any topic on the Jon Stewart Show. Where are those among us that can tear themselves away from the price of gas and the threat of weather? Take a step back. Write yourself an IOU. That is like IOmE. Because when you PAY attention to yourself and the shit around you, once and for all depending on people who are depending on you too. How do you know the camp you are in has a chance in hell to make right some of the shit going down in our country? Here are the 10 ways you know those in your camp. 1. You would vote to legalize pot now in your state if put to a vote. 2. A woman can get an abortion for whatever reason. 3. Mostly you identify as yourself. 4. War is not the answer. 5. You question authority. 6. You are fired up rather than fearful. 7. Big special interest are dangerous. 8. You know bull shit when you hear it. 9. Religion is no biggy. 10. Your aren’t trying to change anyone.

The momentum is here for our camp. The missing key is ambitious individuals that don’t turn out to be assholes that can lead this camp. We have unfortunate leaders in both parties at every level of government. It is our task to get involved with our candidates and let them know what we want. If they can’t deliver the goods let’s get them out of office. It may be a very interesting election cycle ahead. Let’s get involved now! You owe it to yourself and the ones you love.


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