We Can’t Eat Cake….

Eating in moderation or going through life and doing stuff in moderation is something my dad would say is a good rule to follow. I agree. Too much of a good thing can spoil it for you. On the other hand most of us smugly don’t think its anyone’s business but our own if we overindulged, puke and do it all over again. Super market snob can be an in your face kind of guy sometimes.  Dads’ advice about moderation goes completely out the door and when it comes to stepping over that boundary of decorum which, separates you and me in the grocery aisle. You want to hear how disastrous your eating is and then you yell at me for saying “moderation in  things in life” including eating. “We can’t have our cake and eat it to”.  That’s what this blog is all about isn’t it? So get over it and keep reading.

A family friend mentioned she wouldn’t mind living communally cooking and sharing other domestic chores. Instead of every household separated at meal time an entire block of people could  share a meal. In urban areas like-minded people buying houses on the same block is a great idea that is until they start to sleep with one another. Communes in the “olden days” that I am familiar with became cults or were disbanded when they became havens for free loaders. People can be idealistic fools to a point. It’s in our nature. These idealist become the people who get things done and the change that comes, come from the idealist or realist, whatever you want to call them. Not from the conformist or follower of trends or the herd.

It’s one of those weeks when both my wife and I are traveling and there are piles of food left from last weekend when we had house guests. I’ve invited my son over for dinner and hope to send him home with a care package. Whatever we don’t eat he is welcome to it.

Hummus is on the dinner menu tonight with our son. This is one of the left over dishes from the weekend. The dish is prepared fresh and easy with a blender or food processor. Super market snob did not prepare the suggested “kid friendly” version from the back of the garbonzo bean can. Which, is the crux of this blog post. Kids are people too. Get it. They eat the same food as you, the adult in the room or they don’t eat at all, at least to a point.

Plain Hummus is a delicious food. Kid friendly hummus is? I”ll let you decide. Here is the recipe.

Kid Friendly Hummus

1 can (15oz) Garbonzo Beans, 1 cup fat-free cottage cheese, 1/4 cup nonfat plain yogurt, 1 (1 ounce) packet ranch dip mix, 1 tbs fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1 tbs olive oil, 1 tbs chopped garlic,

Blend all ingredients together in a food processor until smooth.

Now, I must say Super market snob has had a revulsion to cottage cheese since early childhood. Vomit taste better! As a food Hummus traditionally is prepared with Tahini, ground sesame seeds. Add garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and maybe fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme. Fresh HERBS. That’s about it. Cut with a dash of water to smooth things out. Now why does the Kid Friendly version have all these other bullshit ingredients? Do kids nowadays love Ranch? Love cottage cheese? Love plain yogurt? And tell me what does this Kid Friendly version taste like? I will not even waste a good 77 cent can of garbonzos to find out. Believe me, Tahini is the dominant taste in this dish! Cooking 101 over and out……….

Will the student in the front row please stand up. Question? What is the taste in Kid Friendly Hummus? OK, ummmmhhhh, the teacher says that the taste is the packet of Ranch dip mix. So, what is in Ranch dip mix? First, let Super market snob remind readers that the packet weighs, 28 grams, 1 ounce. Remember from your drug studies that an ounce of marijuana is 28 grams, four fingers to the initiated. I digress. Let’s proceed. So, I looked up the ingredients of Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix and drum roll please………People complained first and foremost of the additives, primarily Monosodium Glutamate, MSG. Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix does not have any nutritional value what so ever. But, people will spend hard-earned cash on flavor? Arrrgh….Don’t we know better than to eat this stuff? Let’s feed it to the kids now and let them sort it out why mommy and daddy fed them this s$#t and not the simple traditional hummus. Can we not be honest to our kids at least? How long do we want them to believe in Santa, the Easter bunny or good health without trying? As adult eaters so many of us are lost and the best thing we can do for our kids it to not drag them down too. We can not have our cake and eat it too. Who said that?…………….old English proverb.



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