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As I mentioned last week that upon finishing posting that pizza was my next meal for the household. I made a variation as I tend to do. I left out the garlic and added spinach. The final result was delicious. Good food made simple. Though Supermarket snob could not be satisfied with just tasty or quick and appreciation for making the meal. No, the snob went the extra yard to make the pizza personal pan size. The portions were intentionally made for one.

Personal Pizza cost about $1.25 each. Serve at Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Personal Pizza cost about $1.25 each. Serve at Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Far easier for someone like me to identify with a small pizza. Sure one pan or maybe half again are enough food to eat at one sitting. A lesson taken from the Industrial Food complex that has made a science of portion control for dieters. Why not just do it for ourselves I might ask?

One 7.5 ounce portion meal cost $3.39 @ .45c per ounce, pizzasizeit  four portions total weight 25 ounces cost $5 @ .20 cents per ounce.

One 7.5 ounce portion meal cost $3.39 @ .45c per ounce, pizzasizeit four portions total weight 25 ounces cost $5 @ .20 cents per ounce.

My theory why people purchase low-calorie prepared meals over cooked at home meals I think is that for the extra money they can feel smug. Hey you, in the check out line! Look at me.. I’m on a diet and here’s proof. Boxed dinners. High cost. Investment in my diet. Look at me, I’m doing it.

Yeah, you and millions of other losers, Oh, I mean weight conscience fanatics. What I mean is-Weight loss is attainable when a balance diet is maintained not pseudo starvation.  The above meal has 150 calories in it. A 12 oz can of Coke has 140 calories. Drink that with your meal! Still less than 300 calories and about $4 total. Supermarket Snob makes comparison shopping easy to understand. Compare my pizzasizeit portions and made at home meal that kicks the $#%% out of lean cuisine. Here’s why. My Pizza fed two for dinner, one for a snack and one for breakfast at 20 cents per ounce. Lean Cuisine fed one for dinner at 45 cents per ounce. Gag me to eat this cold or at breakfast washed down with a coke.

How easy is it to portion control a roll of dough for four individual pizzas? Really, really #@$%#$ easy. So, is the extra effort any different from portion control with slices? Yes, I think so. For some people they lose count of the slices they eat. Or they tell themselves just one more slice or bite. Before long the pizza is decimated. Personal pizzasizeit and it’s far easier to eat just one. Try starting with half of a pizzasizeit. With kids this portion tactic is fun. In addition for kids the preparation and cooking is a great way to spend time. If cooking isn’t fun any efforts to eat well or lose weight will be in·fin·i·tes·i·mal.

Cook pizza in a toaster oven or conventional oven with a pizza stone. I’ve done it both ways. First, I want to give a shout out to those reading who are  challenged in a big way to eat good food on limited income. Paying the electric bill hurts for some folks. Just saying, the toaster oven is the most efficient appliance in the kitchen. That said, you can’t eat well microwaving your meals!

By the numbers today the $3.39 cost for a Lean Cuisine meal comparison to a type of processed product.  FAGE Total 2% Greek Yogurt sale price $1.22 @ 7 oz.

Per ounce cost LC 45.2 cents vs FAGE 17.5 cents —-Total Fat  LC 4g 6% DV vs FAGE 4g 6% DV —-Sat Fat LC 2g 10% DV vs FAGE 3g 15% DV, ok these numbers are so far identical or very close. But we are talking boxed meat vs dairy product and for the next set of numbers still close with Cholesterol LC 15mg 5% DV vs FAGE 10mg 3% DV. The numbers widen  a bit now. Total Carb. LC 14g 5% DV vs FAGE 8g 3% DV. Let the pendulum swing now. Sodium LC 570mg 24% DV vs FAGE 65 mg 3% DV. The almighty number for your money here is the amount of protein in the meal vs dairy. Protein LC 15g vs FAGE 20g 40%DV . I want to pause here and say I did not leave out the protein % DV for the LC meal intentionally as it’s broken down in a bizarre way. See below label. The protein winner by a long shot is FAGE. These two products are packaging protein primarily. Lean Cuisine is gouging the consumer who is too smug to invest in a good piece of lean meat, saute some mushrooms and onions in wine and blanch a broccoli stem. Supermarket snob can do it and so can you. Just don’t buy this stuff anymore. Get hooked on healthy eating.

No Vegetable Servings in Lean Cuisine.

No Vegetable Servings in Lean Cuisine.

No surprise here there are no vegetable servings in the Lean Cuisine meal as per the labeling. By the numbers Supermarket Snob is scratching his head why anyone is buying this less is more bull#$#$! Less protein more money. No vegetables in yogurt either but there isn’t broccoli pictured on the package. Honesty the ingredients list on the Lean Cuisine package has brocoli as the first ingredient. But, I question how honest is the whole concept of package meals? There it is in bold print Vegetable Servings 0. ZERO sucker! See label above. Can’t very well put this information on the front of the package in BOLD. Supermarket snob is reading the labels and does not like what I see. Problem is this is the sort of bad nutrition, insane economic imbalance and out right bait and switch package prepared food makers resort to to capture your hard-earned dollars. The supermarket is a battle zone not a happy zone. Consumers can’t see the forest for the trees. We could say that it’s all food, the stuff on grocery shelves. Until we realize it isn’t food when we begin to read the label. A good start for anyone that wants to change the way they eat is to start in the produce section and get to know vegetables and fruit. Funny none of the produce has labels. Could be that we knew all along this stuff was good for us and dag namit the government thought enough also that it’s not a requirement to label fruits and vegetables. Seems we can correlate prepared package meals with the need for nutritional labeling and the out of control eating habits that the snobs from the Industrial Food Complex have hooked. Now if we could get the truth on the front of the package so the suckers buying the stuff can get a clue.


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