Sea Caves Apostle Island

The weekend before the last pilgrimage of the season. The South Shore Sea Caves brought out many more thousands of gawkers like myself and Cathy, my wife. So far the count for the season is 125K. Getting a parking space near the entry point was essential for me. Cathy spotted an opening and I deftly parked perpendicular to the roadway by squeezing into the space. We got underway out on the lake only to see ant like streams of humans plodding their way along a shoreline rim. Instead we took what appeared to be a less traveled lake route that a smaller stream of ants were trotting. Stomp stomp and unsure if we had taken the best route we continued towards the distant point. Not a cloud in the sky. Temperatures were the highest of the season. You know. North Americans. What in the VORTEX I’m talking about. We packed lightly and dressed lightly. Park Rangers recommended using walking sticks, bringing water or fluids, snacks and making a bathroom break before hitting the ice. And there were people falling. We saw three fall in our proximity. It was a people watching and nature watching sort of day. Bring on the pictures!!!!

IMG_2560 IMG_2579 IMG_2577 IMG_2551 IMG_2565 IMG_2562 IMG_2546

The pictures are all taken by author on iPhone 4.  iPhoto to adjust color and crop. Some photos are rotated from original. Like the author has creative license. If you want to hang Mona Lisa upside down go for it.


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