Shake Down Overnight

The Munger Trail trip was a shake down for warmer and better rides ahead this year.  There is two things I learned.  Take the damn picture and the time because there is no going back. So the picture I didn’t take was the wet rock face and slushy mess I pushed my bike through on my way up the hill out of Smithville. Or the snow that buried me up to my knee while looking for a campsite. I did get a picture that accompanied the previous post Roughing It and was compelled to write a post. Poem? Secondly, I had time to reexamine me in the next 12 hours on the Trail.

Shake down at end of season iphone photo by author

Shake down at end of season iphone photo by author

I could not have felt any more guilty after leaving Ryan to be on my way. Could I have offered him my trail mix? Or given him a few bucks for a bite to eat? I’ve offered food and money in Chicago and Minneapolis. So why not then? Things are bigger than ourselves. Stars above make for infinite questions without answers. The roar of a night train and it’s powerful diesels make a restless companion. The hard ground only increases the aches in my arms deserving of the late season decision to camp. Still, it is more about the trip than the ride and along the way it’s the people we meet on the trip that make life happen. If only I shared the road with Ryan? A buck or eats on me would have meant a lot. Can I say never again? Does that get me off the hook? We’ll see next time opportunity presents itself.


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