Night Out

Night Out March 29th 2013

Night Out March 29th 2013

There is nothing better than to get away and spend a night in a tent when winter is lingering. The forecast  called for mid 30’s F and rain after 1am. The remainder of the Easter weekend was going to be colder and wetter. So I took a chance on the next 24 hours and rode 40 miles to my campsite. Blue skys off and on until dusk encouraged me. A  fire in the pit made life good. Some previous campers left me plenty of wood to burn for 3 hours while I read a novel. Total mindlessness. No humans. No appliances. Comfort was a good warm mummy bag, some down and fleece clothing and a decent water resist tent. Like clock work the rain started as predicted. By 6am I had barely slept but felt rested. The rain let up and I was on the road home by 9am. Fog shrouded the ride south all the way to Duluth along Highway 61 and the old scenic route. Between the tent, warm cloths and fog I cocooned most of the time while removed from “humankind”. Just needed the time to recharge. I had no idea we would at the time of this post have reverted back to winter. April 16th and we have had two feet of snow dumped since my little window of 24 hours. Spring is nowhere in sight. Just planning in my mind for my next outing.


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