Cargill Executive Privilege

The wheels of commerce keep turning at Cargill Company after years of global consolidation in food commodity and processing acquisitions. This seemingly ruthless quest to dominate the world food supply does have detractors. In a twist of fate, no less from “Mother Nature” herself, drought is finally catching up with the Leviathan causing plant closers in the American heartland. Low feed yields for two years in a row have proven a higher risk to profits. Beef processing does not pay as well as it used to even for Cargill so one plant after another is closing. Cargill executives reached outside of Minnetonka Minnesota refused comment.

Cargill Beef Executive Thomas Hardly-Attfault Automobile

Cargill Beef Executive Thomas Hardly-Attfault Automobile

This roving reporter positioned himself overnight near the home of Executive Thomas Hardly-Attfault to get a statement. Hardly-Attfault heads up the International Beef Program and is seen as the point person that is eviscerating the livelihood of small communities. Just as luck would have it, this reporter spilled coffee in their lap as Hardly-Attfault was leaving his St. Paul residence. Speeding away from home this reporter caught a quick iphone photo of his automobile, a perk of executive privilege. In a tip of the hat to Mary Kay Cosmetics, Cargill is now giving automobiles to executives who contribute significantly to the bottom line. In this circumstance, this car says it all. Cargill “makes no bones” about their intention to world food domination.


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