Minnesota Drone Launch Skyward

In an unprecedented assault on automobile drivers in Minnesota, presumably to thwart “road rage,” the Highway Patrol has launched its own offensive Drone program. Sponsored in part with private grants from the Chrysler Auto Company, the Drone is cleverly disguised as a RAM Heavy Duty Truck. Unaware culprits won’t have a chance to escape enforcement, “The drone can out run every vehicle on the road” says, Captain Rick Overland of the Highway Patrol. As to how the program drone will be utilized to apprehend speeders and reckless drivers the Highway Patrol are relying on sophisticated “gamers.” These individuals are trained in the art of hovering and facing off drivers that one gamer says, “will freak the living $hit out of you. If all of sudden you see this monster truck coming right out of nowhere making for a head on collision, you have no choice but to slow down, stop or just get the hell out-of-the-way.”

Minnesota Drone Launch Skyward

Minnesota Drone Launch Skyward

What could be fodder for another ACLU battle in state court the President of the Minnesota ACLU Bettiana Fair, is preparing to argue traffic enforcement technology that terrorizes the population even the law breaking population will raise the carnage on our highways to ever-expanding levels. With Minnesota leading the way in social trends this is one that is getting attention. Governor Rick Perry of Texas is looking into this program to tame some of the wild and woolly “cowboys” that troll the Texas landscape. The Lone Star state will implement a program in 2014 if they can get funding from Ethanol producers wh0 have seen a run up in profits and are awash in cash due to the mandated Federal credit program.


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