Halo around the Moon

Full Moon and Halo over Lake Superior Duluth Minnesota November 28th 2012 photo by author

Our Saints preserved us and the children of Catholic righteousness. Growing up as one of the bad boys to shine with a halo was a sometime favor to be bestowed. Sisters and Brothers and Fathers black and white garments stamped forever an aura of Saintliness. Why did Christ only get a crown of thorns when mere mortals glowed with fluorescent halo tubes? Christ, Mother Nature whatever you call it God knows this hubris of men. What halo we see in the heavens above tonight are yours alone to wonder at the majesty, the simplicity of your delight.


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  1. Verse 1. Why would a clever boy Leave school with a star And walk out through the gates Feeling worthless Put the pennies that he saved On a cheap sunburst guitar Work his fingers to the bone To be noticed. Verse 2. Why would a clever boy Take his schoolbooks and abscond With his fear around his neck Like a damaged halo Be hounded out the gate ‘Cause he couldn’t get beyond The first line of ‘tháinig long ó Valparaiso’ Chorus. Look at me, look at me I can play, I can play Look at me, look at me Am I not worth lovin’ Look at me, look at me I can play, I can play The forty shades of green And some Slim Whitman Verse 3. Why would a clever boy When all is said and done Turn to every bauble stick Become addicted Tongue-tied, sad and blue Forever on the run Like a poor beast in the rain Too blind to fix it. Verse 4. We were damaged by the score The clever and the dumb With our scars we shunted into Every siding For the voiceless there are tears And a million more to come Will you tell me where in Christ Was Jesus hiding. Chorus. Verse 5. Here’s a postscript to make you smile You know my Valparaiso friend For years I wondered how he wore That halo He was apprenticed did his time Climbed the ladder in the end Then one day he pulled a ticket In the Lotto. Chorus. Musicians: Mick: Vocals and Guitar. Recorded live in the Cherry Tree, Walkinstown 13th March 2009. Sound engineer: Mark Dennehy.

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