Climbing out of the Trough

Was ignoring my passion for bicycles since mid-summer of 2012. The move to Duluth, the fact that there are steep hills here and a job that keeps me from commuting all sapped my desire to ride. I have to  “climb out of the trough.”  Get busy on the next chapter so to speak. As, I have abandoned my patent  attempt for the REV2 Detroit handlebar and that too has been another bump in the road. The patent office cited an 1888 patent design that I just didn’t see had anything to do with my design and the truth is it takes a lot more to get a product off the ground. When industry doesn’t want it and individuals don’t want it just move on. For the time being the REV2 DIY is all that remains of my effort.

Last night I took the Masi REV2 and flopped it back for a drop design to accommodate the hard downhill braking and steering control needed for the long and fast descents here in Duluth. It remains to be seen whether the Campy shifter function properly on the bar end. A frayed cable needs to be replaced and the DIY modifications seated before I get on it.

That climbing out of the trough for me is happening a little with the realization that not every biking situation is adaptable to the REV2. That’s fair. The hilly terrain will be conquered soon and safely. For now, I am like anyone else who has taken a step back and seen things a little differently from the way things were and how they are now. Adjust man and move on. And now I leave you with a picture from a neighbor’s yard who lost on all accounts during this election cycle. 2 constitutional amendments shot down, one U.S. Senator served and a President and VP wiped out. So, neighbor, adjust and move on.

Romney Ryan Lost, Craavack Lost, Voter ID Lost, Marriage Between one Man and One Woman Lost


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