Long and Hard

There is one long bike path in Duluth called the Lakewalk which runs from the East End at 60th Avenue down to Canal Park to the shipping channel. The remainder of Duluth is a mixer of hard uphills and long descents that are damn “hang on tight” and pay attention. So the type of bike set up that I had in Minneapolis is not the best for hard braking. I’ll be changing the Masi into a reverse levers at some point and the Surly Troll will get friction shifters so shifting in less cumbersome. It has been scary on one occasion when the Surly had front end wobble and braking at 35mph impossible with the levers out of reach. So I repositioned the levers so they are under the swept back hand grip position. This works well for the street and have yet to test on single track. What this all means is that I have two bike iterations that work at best fair for the the Long and Hard sections of Duluth streets.

The above pictures represent the ideal conditions that bike riders find on the Lakewalk. Far from ideal is the compromise a bike rider makes when form does not follow function and safety is impaired.


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