The Blog that won’t quit

I don’t see any reason to up and quit writing this blog since  my photography is in need of a place to post occasionally. What direction the words take has become more difficult as my subject matter seems to not matter at all. Not a natural writer like someone else dear to me in my life, I just have to pound out on the keys something or another.

Motoring in Duluth MN on 3rd Street West

One of the benefits of moving to a new place is that exploring is like a vacation. Each time I get out and take a picture the travel experience becomes real. I posted the back side of this house a couple of post ago  and described the ancient stairway on the property. It was on the day I took the above photo that I was informed the stairway is part of the abandoned stairs that ran up the Downtown hill alongside of the Duluth “Incline” at the turn of the 20th century. Not having any pictures of the “Incline” I can only offer my abstract interpretation of the incline and what 100 years of decrepitude would look like if we were to be waiting at the station for the next box car that never arrived.

Waiting at the station for the car that never arrived”

On the other side of town in East Duluth where new and big come together in one of the more sprawling houses I have yet to encounter anywhere in an urban setting. And this is where big begs to ask the question why so big?

Purple never looked so good. But why is this house so damn sprawling?

You could be lost for days if not for an intercom system. I am not too happy running around the house trying to get my family to sit down for dinner once a day. Let alone human contact during the hours we are home together and this sprawl would be a relationship killer right now. So what do we do when the family goes out to Superior Wisconsin for a burger and fries? Well of course we head over to the Anchor Bar and sit down with total strangers to Yuk it up. The Anchor is where my son did not get his beer on his 19th birthday but on this second occasion he was served. Yeah!!!, here is James from Gary New Duluth, with a triple Anchor Burger, don’t let the hair fool you, James, not a girl and his mom were great table mates.

Anchor Bar in Superior Wisconsin and James with his 1 pound hamburger

Sometimes big stuff really repulses me, but I have to let this go in social situations. What, I’m not eating this thing, and I have my own issues with excess. Take for instance my foray into pie making last week. I wanted to start baking and learning the ins and outs of my 60-year-old Hotpoint Electric Stove. So I baked two pies and I ate no less than half of one. The second pie I took to the office for staff to enjoy al a mode.

Apple Pie and Hotpoint Electric Stove circa 1951

That about wraps up the Big, Sprawling, Nothing to do with anything Burger and Pie Post. Photo’s taken with iPhone using the App Camera+ and iPhoto.


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  1. Exploring Duluth is great. There are so many wonderful things to do and see.

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