Ups and Downs in Duluth

Just sorted some of the pictures taken in the past two weeks with no intention to overload the blog but, in serious need to put something on digital paper. As it goes I have been away from biking and blogging regularly this first month in my new home. Some of this is due to not commuting to a job, while for the time being I am obligated to drive to appointments. The other reason for not biking so much is I had serious problems with the horizontal drop-outs on the Surly Troll whilst going up hill. You see the drive side pops out and that was not apparent in flat Minneapolis when I bought the bike, although I was cautioned by the private party that sold me the bike that I might have problems. The problems started after I had a flat and I couldn’t get the quick release to hold the rear wheel in place. So I ordered a Tuggnut online and installed it with a lock skewer to make the axles bullet proof.

Surly Troll drop out with Tuggnut

This is the set up and I question why Surly doesn’t throw this piece in as standard equipment since the Troll is a Mountain Bike. Reasoning has it that the bike will be used to go uphill so what about it Surly? Anyhow, I love the bike and got this new frame and parts build including the added 42 bucks for less than 800 bucks. Took the bike out and hit some hard hills, just like I want, no fuss and no worries. As some of the pictures that accompany this post the sights are awesome from the hills of Duluth.

From Enger Tower West Duluth

The Skyline Parkway runs near the ridge with panoramic views of Lake Superior and Enger is just a small part of a vast network of bike friendly roads. Sure there is a down side to all this beauty if you want to be a weenie about hills. What goes down will eventually go up, so what. There is no stopping the outdoors enthusiast in Duluth.

Ancient rock staircase and modern house West Duluth

The flood of the century this summer took place right before I moved here. If you can imagine 18 creeks or one every 2 miles swelling with 10 inches of rain in 24 hours its like anywhere water would run and then gather it did, taking out entire streets and bridges and flooding basements in low-lying areas. Duluth is built very much like a European port city on a hill. There are numerous staircases that link one terrace to another. There are cut throughs for walking or biking and where those creeks are trails to meander up and down the hill.

Glensheen Mansion in Congdon Neighborhood

The Red Hat ladies out for the day at arts and crafts fair are only a mile and a half walk down Congdon Creek with Lake Superior as a final destination. But, it’s not all up down hill. As proven by a guy on a ‘Tall Bike”. This may be the only Tall Bike in Duluth. And going anywhere other than flat ground is nearly impossible on one.

Tall Bike Duluth Minnesota, good to go on flat land

The All American city of Duluth is a survivor because the people who came before have left a legacy of a great work ethic and civic pride. Even if the place is rough around the edges it can’t be denied that Duluth is authentic.

Ford Truck American Made on Terrace in West Duluth



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