Admission is Free

So, back to the blog after our move to Duluth Minnesota from Minneapolis Minnesota.  For the world at large this is quite a change in demographics. We left an urban area with over 3.5 million people to less than 90 thousand people.

Lake Harriet Line Trolley, we will return for family and friends

From a city of lakes to one big mother of a lake, Gitchi Gummi, is what the native Indians called Lake Superior. It’s been over two weeks unpacking and sorting boxes among working and some riding in between to the shore and stuff.

A style of bike riding seems to develop wherever a bike rider lives. No different in Duluth. The saying I am learning to believe is it’s always a “free ride  down hill.”

From Hawk Ridge Duluth MN. Bike is Surly Troll, Ore ship coming into port

Riding does not have to be a hardship on the way back up. Sure it is work and I guess preparing for Duluth hills the challenge has been to safely ride down at high speeds. The new bike I’m riding is the Surly Troll that I got in the middle of June. Disc brakes are awesome and so are the Fat Tires. Only one real incident was wheel wobble when I thought WTF, am I going to crash? I raised the tire pressure to maximum, not sure if this will help. The Surly Troll is great for rough pavement, gravel and single track that is in abundance in Duluth.

Surly Troll, Independence Day 2012

Living in Duluth, everyday is Independence Day. The first thing a newcomer observes is the pace of automobile traffic in which drivers abide by the speed limit and give bicycle riders a wide berth. With the clean lake air, being outdoors on a bike can’t get any better. Bike riding is Freedom.

Bicycle Riding is Freedom

The edge from the Urban experience is fast becoming a distant memory. The past twenty five years in Minneapolis and Boston are where I raised a family, made great friends for life and hold the key for the memory of seasons spent bike riding among unique pages of the urban experience. No, I won’t miss it. I have so much more in Duluth.


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