You Got the Power

Well, the summer heat is with us now. When the temperature hits the 90’s there are fewer bike riders just out for a ride. And the commute scene has thinner ranks. I don’t mean slim riders, just less of them.

My buddy and I were walking and talking on Sunday  morning when we take our 5 mile hike around Lake Calhoun. Both of us remember growing up and not having really fat people around. Had us thinking how little the people of today resemble those people we grew up with. It’s like we had so much less and were happy and now there is so much excess and it’s like people have to wear it, you know like skin is in.

Where am I going with this random post? Well as you may know I will be moving to Duluth in a couple of weeks. So no more Sunday walks with my best friend or deep thoughts to share. And as anyone who has bike commuted in Minneapolis or has followed this blog and seen the many pictures and post there will be a totally different bike commute and bike community base in Duluth.  And I will  no longer be a flat lander. I in fact will be living on a hillside with a panoramic view of Lake Superior, at least in the winter when the leaves are fallen and the snow is flying. So more about the random post/ A place is only as comfy as the people who make it that way. Some places are dangerous as we know. I’ve lived in those places at one time or another. But its the people who actually have a chance to do something that is outside of their comfort zone that I’m speaking about. You got the power. So I will leave you with two pictures. Girl Power and Baby Girl Power is and can be part of a bike life. Go Girl!!!!!!

The Power of She You go Girl

Baby Girl Power


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