Rebel Rouser

This is the big Back to the 50’s weekend in St. Paul Minnesota USA. The Car Show has center stage. When this archive is researched 200 years from now this is what our great-great-great-great-grandchildren will see and wonder why we were so stupid and busy in our ways to wreck havoc in the world for the sake of cars no less “custom cars.” Could we not see the folly of the car culture for what it would do to us and future generations who never had a say in things.

Just happened onto a small show as it was breaking up  in downtown Rice Park yesterday. Here is a shot of a “Dwarf car” At least this makes some sense. Little cars take less space.

Back to The 50’s in Rice Park St. Paul MN USA author photo

The two men who climbed into the car where both over 6 feet tall. The cockpit squeezed them in pretty tightly. For a frame of reference look at the women in the background, they tower over the little car. For a close up I took the title of this post.

Rebel Rouser is the change you want to see in the world

So come on all you people who want to give the future a chance. Start by getting on a bike and riding to work. And do it everyday. Cause tomorrow will come and that day is to be shared and cared for.


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