Goofy Stuff I’ve Seen This Week

In the previous post there was the picture of the helmet less baby strapped in riding high behind her Mama’s helmet head. Go figure? Another post mentioned the reverse brake levers on the drops. Some other goofy stuff I’ve seen this week was: the MTB handlebars with vertical extensions rising a good foot and a half so the rider had his arms extending straight out and forward from his shoulder.

Other goofy stuff was the ZAP program from, a RFID system that rewards health coverage reductions, (not stated) for University of Minnesota employees if and when they bicycle commute. But, for any other participant the rewards were pretty sketchy since there is no information on donors to sustain other rewards. This program designed in the name of “changing how people in the Twin Cities choose to get around.”

Another goofy situation is the opening of the Sabo Bridge over Hiawatha. It’s been closed for 4 months and I’ve got so used to crossing at street level that I and many others are not bothering to go up and around on the bridge anymore.

I’ll close with the goofy bike design in a display window at  RagStock a local hipster clothier.

Where’s the Downtube?


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