Bicyclist in the Suburbs are Dying

Woke up this morning to two stories in the local news. Suburban bicyclist are dead in two suburbs. I know the highways they died on. That’s right they were on highways not streets.

In Shoreview Minnesota a 28 year young man was killed at 10 pm. that would make it dark by then. Highway 96 is two lane and in many places very twisty. In the daylight I have motorcycled this road and had loads of fun. I have driven this road on sections. But, the time I bicycled it I wanted to find a better route.

Night time is not a good time to be on any country road on a bicycle. As a general precaution when I found myself in the country after dark, I will go to the far side of the road as cars approach from the rear giving myself plenty of time to cross it. Now I don’t have to rely on a drivers awareness with them  coming up from behind and smashing into me. If a road is busy with cars I won’t be on it after dark. Country highways are killers when you are not paying attention. Sorry for this young man and his family and the driver too who must truly be in shock.

In Chanhassen Minnesota a 12 year young girl was struck and killed as she walked her bicycle across busy highway 101. This is very sad too because it could happen to anyone crossing this highway.

There can’t be too much emphasis for the dangers of the highway with fast moving automobiles. Tragedy in the community is far from over when so many bicyclist and walkers are unawares of their surrounding and summer is still 3 weeks away.

Stay safe. Pay attention. Only you can prevent accidents from happening. Peace to the Dying.



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