Pampered Day in and Day Out

This bicycle riding blog post is accompanied by a photo of my son in a hammock who is plugged into his Ipod down by Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. I approached him after taking a short walk along the trolley tracks, through the tunnel, down and back to Lake Harriet. It was windy that evening as it has been this spring. He was unaware in his cocoon, the music playing and the wind howling.

Living Soul in Blue White and Green

The hot engine hot days of summer will be here soon enough and the spring weather will be gone. Those days are lost for most everyone who has not walked or rode bicycles. I scream, WTF at times, the air temperature is like A/C washing over me. Humanity is holed up in automobiles missing, ignoring  and festering in their freaky solitude going places.

You all know in about 100 years your great grandchildren will be sharing what’s left of the world’s resources that you have not squandered. They will hate you for being an idiot. For all of your pampering day in and day out nothing good will come of it. You could prepare a better future by living well in the present, but that is too much sweat off your balls.

There is nothing better to do than to do the opposite of what you are doing now!!!! Get on a bicycle and ride, put on your walking shoes and walk. Take that food out of your hand that you are shoving in your mouth and do something for yourself, family, community and friends.


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