It feels like I am not even riding

This week my work takes me to a sight about 20 minutes away from home. That translates to about 4 miles. It feels like I am not even riding. Since November my commute one way is 13 miles which takes just less than an hour these days and a little jaunt down the road 4 miles is nothing. What I gained from this week so far is more time in the morning to do stuff and more time in the evening to be with my family and friends. Something I miss though is the rigors of riding across town for an hour.

Don’t smoke and ride a bike or you will look stupid like this guy

There we have it for one guy on the planet who can’t get enough bike riding in his day at 4 miles. Did I say these were easy miles? Miles riding on a bike path mostly skirting two beautiful city lakes? I don’t mention this to be envied. Four miles for some people is pure hell where they live. But, I wanted to make the point that 4 miles is hardly busting balls. An even if it was hills or incredibly rough we as bike riders can take it. We have to take it because the alternative is to hop into an automobile and forget about it! Cars make me sick and I want to push them all out of the way. That is all I wanted to say today..

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