Silly Americans

Power Pump

Going about my Sunday walk with my best friend we came upon the inventor of this two wheeler. I had seen this bike over the years and Nathan, that’s his name, and admit it was a curiosity until that moment last week when I asked about it and the back story. Seems that Nathan is a foiled inventor and can’t get investment which he has tried for two decades. Alas, his patent has expired and his crude prototype gets rustier and crustier with passing years. Though, he has promised me I can take it for a spin, I have yet to test it, he seems to be in complete control at slow speeds. And maybe that is just what most non-cyclist need is a contraption that gets them going under their own power.

Independent Crank Arms

The bike is in many ways like a human powered Segway. The rider stands upright while pumping cranks independently. Nathan’s power pumping bike is awaiting a test ride. I’ll report back if this happens. Just putting it out there that silly Americans are still driving automobiles because the modern bicycle sold to consumers has become either a carbon fiber investment that is out of reach and impracticable for most or a heavy mountain bike fully suspended that impedes even the best athletic performance.


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