Approaching A New

Came back from a weekend in Duluth Minnesota. Didn’t do any bicycle riding this trip. The reason I am visiting is that my wife has a job there. We put a purchase agreement on a home and are selling our Minneapolis home. Loads of changes to come by September, our tentative move date. This is approaching a new phase in our lives as we go back to the city where my wife was raised. So what this means for blog postings is there will be times when I am sort of overwhelmed by the transition of moving and won’t have much to say about bike riding. Maybe, just have stream of conscience writing.

What I know about Duluth and can share is that the city is 32 miles long and about 6 miles wide. Shipping from the harbor on Lake Superior is a huge industry. Aviation is another industry that is taking off, hahahha. But, all in all Duluth is struggling like so many other places with an identity crisis. With a rich past long gone when millionaires lined the streets of Congdon and industry flourished through a hundred years of decline, Duluth is hanging on to old prejudices. East side vs West Side. For our role we are fortunate to have found a home at the edge of town on the East Side. But, I am not taking sides in this old feud. All I want to do is be able to bicycle ride up and down the Duluth hill sides for as long as I am able.

Congress Hotel Chicago -Approaching a New

photo author 09/06/2011

Bicycle riding has become a feud of sorts in Minneapolis for me. Increasingly, the altercations between auto drivers will turn this thing of beauty into ugly words. I’m looking to approach a new city and new slower drivers. We’ll see.


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