Talking Trash Again

The day could not have been any clearer or finer. The temperatures hit 70 F by mid afternoon. On the ride home I passed the hordes of traffic on Marshall Avenue in St. Paul. I could lead off many blog postings with these three sentences in the weeks to come. Or in the year ahead. Or for that matter, anytime in the past two decades for this time of year. Why it matters is that on any given perfect day it seems to the casual observer that traffic backs up more so than on other days. Even the amount of bike riders seems to have fallen off after a string of perfect days. Probably, those bike rides just are a little less interesting after you do one or two back to back. There we have the conundrum that plagues people either driving cars exclusively or biking occasionally. The perfect day is nothing more than another missed opportunity for both.

A perfect day in black and white is Audrey Hepburn at night

author photo taken with Iphone in Minneapolis MN fall of 2011

I met an old guy like myself at a traffic light today. We had 30 seconds to converse. Neither of us could assume anything. The other fella spoke first. “Nice day for a bike ride.” I said, yeah “I bike 5 days a week” he one upped me with ” I bike 7 days a week” Then he asked if I own a car. Well yes I do. Well, he doesn’t. The light turned green and off we went, I never looked back and he disappeared by the next traffic light. Two guys bike riding because we need to, want to, desire to, see no reason not to. And it all came down to the fact that we will enjoy this most perfect day and many others because we choose to bike ride, choose to take the perfect with the not so perfect and refuse to speculate from a car or hesitate because we might get bored. Talking trash again. I want to challenge any one to bike ride to work everyday starting now. You can’t leave your bike at home again and you must figure out how you will do the deed no matter the weather until winter sets in. The if you are still up for a winter challenge we can talk then. Until, all you whoosies (sp) who bike ride occasionally start transporting your back sides around town you are nothing but posers. If you are reading this from some podunk town under 50K population there is no reason that you should even think about driving a car. Get on you bike and ride dude.


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