Detroit will not Perish

The city of Detroit will not perish. One of my go to blogs, Urbanophile posted some very good videos from Detroit. I viewed Lemonade Detroit and was taken in by the tenacity of its interviewees and the message of its creative team, that Detroit has grit and opportunity. Like one said ” Detroit was the greatest Boom Town Ever”. What will make Detroit prosper are the little things, a lot of little things.

When I named the handlebar most of you have seen on my blog “The Detroit Handlebar” I did so because of a durable gritty Carhartt Jacket by the name “Detroit.” Now I hope to honor the people who will go to Detroit and rebuild. With Detroit Handlebars, little by little providing bike riders a new opportunity to be physical once again, little by little, a place called Detroit will become a land of opportunity.


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