Moving Rocks Around Stone Disneyland

The Great Pyramids were built 4000 years ago. Not a living soul can tell us how they were constructed. That’s true for Stonehenge and Easter Island and Machu Picchu. Moving rocks around. That’s all these ancient people’s did was dig rock, chisel rock, bleed rock. And when they were done with the job worshiped as pagans in those rocks. What’s left today is not a thing of reverence but, tourist attractions, Stone Disneyland’s. These places are part of the greater than us plan.  Thousands of years after building these wonders of the world to the present age of wanderers of the world, our ancestral rock movers went on to the establishment of the founding of the worlds four religions, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. From Rocks to Religion in a nutshell: what is lost is that modern man is not heaving as many rocks for a living in the name of some higher power. And that brings us to the blog post for today how  moving rocks around is human nature. Once we stop moving rock society takes at turn for the worse.

Rock Mover

The previous post mentioned the Flintstones foot mobile similar in design as the Gary Fisher ChainReaction vehicle. It is no coincidence that Mr. Fisher is launching mobility alternatives for export to Argentina. Where does Mr. Fisher get his intuitive nature and his fascination for human work and propelling artistically engineered vehicles? Was Gary in a former life a shaman or overseer of rock movers? It is widely speculated a child of the sixties is the chosen one. Does the cult of Mountain Biking and it’s uncrowned head Gary Fisher  insignificantly disguised in the world of todays technology as the “rock mover” which, is symbolic of the rising tide of transportation bicycle riding? These are questions that will be answered by this blogger as further research into the phenomenon of “rock moving” is uncovered by long hidden scriptures and scrolls of academia. Here in Gary’s sketch book from 1972 is evidence of Gary’s Egyptian leanings.

From Gary Fisher sketch book circa 1972

Is it not enough that our homeland has become fertile ground for lock step behavior that now once in a millennium comes a prophet, ie Gandhi, Jesus: Gary will take us to the next stage in human endeavor with his “rock moving” philosophy and wild rock moving transportation. The secrets of ancient rock movers have been revealed through Mr. Fisher and he is establishing the “church of the red bicycle” as a non-profit for expansion of bicycle use worldwide. As head of the organization he only ask to have you post this picture in conspicuous places where you bike ride.

Gary Fisher "church of the red bicycle"

As seen above Mr. Gary Fisher or as he will soon be known as The Reverend Gary, is demonstrating at the recent gathering in Washington D.C. at the National Bike Summit, the incorrect method of holding onto a rock where utmost control is important while in a rock slide. Much will be revealed as this story unravels and expectations are high when The Reverend Gary returns from Machu Picchu where he is delivering the end of the world address to heads of state.

End of the World Summit Talks with The Reverend Gary


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