Low Energy for Bike Blogs

This must be the low energy week for bike blogging in that I just trashed a draft that I had been working on for the past two days and now I’m really not into much of a subject that  matters  and in looking around the internet at some of the blogs I frequent even these authors are at a loss for material that is stimulating which, brings me back to this run on sentence and a topic which, will tie in a  post from Lovely Bicycle, a big in your face photo spread of the latest acquisition, envy ANT bike, that followers of the blog must be creaming  in their jeans over, and the reappearance of Mikael at Copenhagenize, his first posting since March was in single digits and upon his return from Brazil with a dainty note today lauding Bicycle Schools in Sao Paulo, a world away from North American road rage, where we don’t think we could have a socialist program as smug as this one and on that note the disappearance this week of Bike Snob NY who has taken leave for his first stop on a book tour to Washington DC where also a Bike Summit has bike industry types enthralled for who knows what shenanigans they might be up to, much as the Blog at Bicycle Retailer is a guest platform  for industry insider and outsider Rick Vosper who is living on the edge writing about Mountain Biking and the hippie heroes that had the brass balls to forge that industry in the seventies and eighties, no light weights there but, anyone who lived through those years like me and our own Minnesota Bike Commuter Doug who is up der in “Duh Lute” doing his own thing even when it seems like there is no one else doing it too, yeah that is how I have felt Doug, so no matter the blogosphere is just another way to let off steam for bicycle riders and some like myself that just want to feel again the thing I feel when the wind is at my back.

The Detroit Bar on the Raleigh Gran Prix


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