Surviving the Winter of 2011

Guest columnist Neils Svenson is an outdoors guide and trapper writing  on nature in the northwoods.

Last day of winter 2011 March 19th 2012

There is cause for celebration today, winter is officially over. How I survived the winter of 2011 will be one for the history books. It started in October with building a log cabin in the north woods and flying in a bunch of bullets and enough canned goods to supplement the meat I hunted. After the cabin was finished in early November I waited and waited for the snow and cold to push the warm weather out. As the days became shorter many long hours were spent  settling into fishing by the lake. No snow by December had me worried so I amused myself making ice sculptures.

Little Man

Sick and tired of eating fish morning noon and night I got on the next flight out from the lake and headed back to the Twin Cities. My little experiment to live off the land needed mother nature to cooperate but, looks like I’ll just have to wait until next winter when the snows return. So, here I was in Minneapolis again, back on the streets using my other survival skills.  In another life I had been a Jimmy Johns bike delivery guy. and the local manager didn’t hesitate to give me my old job back.  Not a bad gig for a 82 year old. Bikin 25 miles a day keeps me healthy along with wood choppin, huntin and foragin my food.

Me making deliveries for Jimmy Johns, wow what a winter!

Moving back in with Mom and Dad was kinda hard being that dad is now 104 but, they knew I gave it my best shot up north and bike delivery guy would pay his fair share of the rent.

As winter goes for people who make a living off of stone cold well diggers ass, deep shit snow, black ice slick roads and ski bunny weekends, this winter was a “non starter.” The local hardware store had to bring in two cute lazy dogs to attract enough customers to buy sidewalk salt and bundles of firewood. They had to get creative so they started selling wall mounted smoke stations just to get rid of the wood they had out back.

Wall mounted smoke station to keep the scent of wood in the air when winter becomes a non-starter

I mentioned we are celebrating spring today. In all my years here on mother earth I’d of never thought I’d live to see the day when all those predictions of global climate change would affect my livin. It’s downright hard now to go out an make a livin in the city. For sure my plan for next winter is to go further north and build. Got a little place up in the Yukon going to try out. For now, enjoy it while it last. And remember to buy yourself a Jimmy Johns sub sandwich, no telling I’ll be your delivery guy. Want to thank domotion2011 for the guest spot and the accompaning photo’s.


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