Kodo is the What -Spirit in Motion to Change Inside

As readers from around the globe are finding out through social media now more than ever the big disconnect between what we do to one another, mostly killing and what we can do for one another, mostly fair trade,  is fundamentally rooted in superstition. Our greatest fear is that the way of life that takes lives and that also makes unfair trades ceases to be profitable as we experience change  from outside forces. This fear of outside influence produced  in America for example, civil unrest, race riots and acts of disobedience. Of course all these acts culminated by outside activist into policy that gave Americans Civil Rights, the end of the Viet Nam War, women and gay rights. Painful as it was for some Americans to let go of Jim Crow and then oppressive gender ideals it would be another 30 years before apartheid would be illegal and gay equality to gain mainstream status. Superstition fueled those believers who faught to keep other people down because of the color of their skin or sexual orientation.

“Kodo is the What”  is the spiritual power of activists engaged in the arena of change. Superstitions work against our “spirits in motion” Kodo. Superstitions work against the answers to the “change inside”of the What. Peeling off a decade into the 21st century, we are in our twelfth year now, the world continues  to harbor superstitious behavior. Our soldiers are burning Korans in Afghanistan, Iraqi men deemed Emo, who appear as flashy dressers and thus gay are suspiciously murdered. Girls are captured by Kony the war lord in Africa for use as sex slaves. The behavior stays the same only the names and places change. Religion and sex are behind many of these superstitions as well as the power of men, yes mostly men who are responsible for the killing fields.

So let this be a shout out to women and oppressed people’s to seize on “Kodo is the What.” This is the spirit of motion to make the change inside. Take the power away from these men whose promises of change are nothing more than their self-interest whose promises are always broken.  Women are the great voices in recent history and now all women can get on board to shake things up and stick it to the man.

Ok, here is my pitch to  W.O.W. women of the world. The bicycle as your symbol of solidarity is available just about anywhere in the world. The power of American women on bicycles may be unprecedented for the sheer volume of women leaving their cars at home would shake up the power of the oil industry. The health of American women and the image of American women is destined to change when you make that change from within. American women can’t be held down anymore anywhere when they take to bicycle riding. Kodo is the What that women of the world have the power to change.

What this means for American men who resist change is an opportunity to mythologized fear. This we know and this we must prepare for. Kodo is the What is our shield from these old superstitious men.

Men making barriers to Women and the oppressed

As always bike more and drive your car less. Be sure to use a REV2 handlebar.


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