Duluth Cock[pit

Hey, while America sleeps this winter I’ve been busy re-imagining my Bridgstone XO-4 umpteen times. The poor cock[pit has taken a bashing and it is imperative to scrap the Falcon thumb shifters for a set of Shimano stem shifters. When making the XO-4 cock[pit designs I settled on calling the whole field test “The Detroit Handlebar”. Well as it goes I’m going to call out each XO-4 iteration something distinct. Possibly, the city of Duluth Minnesota would like to hear that a cock[pit is named after their hill city on Lake Superior. So, folks the pictured handlebar design fresh off the Park stand last night will be named the Duluth Cock[pit. For those of you wondering what that bracket is in cockpit it is intentional altho, a minute ago it was a typo when my fat finger missed the P.

Duluth Cock[pit Rev2 Domotion2011

I wanted this iteration of the XO-4 to be specific to Duluth for one reason. The stem shifters that will dispel any myth that they are dangerous or cheap. Stem shifters are readily available new and used which makes the DIY REV2 a breeze to fit reverse levers. The Duluth cock[pit is as unique as the city on a hill with a mythic past. In today’s world let’s take Duluth at face value. A great place to ride hills and be near nature. The Duluth cock[pit can tackle any hill better than any single hand [position cock[pit. Look for more cock[pits named for a city or place.


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