Unleash the Hounds- Let’s Lasso Em

The New York Times Archive has some interesting articles that depict the sort of street life which bicyclist and pedestrians had to deal with in the golden era of bicycles. In the 1890’s B.C. (before cars) the bicyclist was considered by the police to be a menace. “Scorchers” terrorized the streets by exceeding the 10 mph speed limit. Hordes of young men much like today’s hipsters and messengers rode roughshod around and against the flow of traffic. One article made threats to lasso the culprits. And if that didn’t work then to go as far as unleashing the hounds. What if we could use these tactics in cities around America today?

Fleeing a pack of hounds Guido's foot was gnawed and mangled

The thought is thrilling, taking a lasso out and swinging it high above the head, knowing the moment to release and bamo dropping and capturing a bicyclist. The TSA and homeland security would be a perfect fit for the  lasso artist. Finally, a job that had teeth. Rid the roads of menacing bike riders. And not only a job for urban cowboys, but dog handlers too.  Elevate all those pseudo dog whisperers to hound dog patrol. Can you just imagine the freak out when a pack of hounds goes after a fleeing bike rider? Yowl!


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