Fall Down and go Boo Boo

Happy March to all of you not riding a bike today. I can’t stress enough to the readers of this blog that I won’t write to bike “best practices” point of view. This is contrary opinion targeted at car drivers to make a point that they need to back off their addiction to driving and see how lives will change and life will be better for me when I meet up with you on the road. Yeah, my blog, my point of view and yeah, if so, so many people just made the decision to bike ride and leave their car at home then LIFE would be BETTER for ME. See, all the space your car takes up is really bothersome, to me. If it’s not parked on the side of the street, then it is barreling down the street too fast.

Trying for a Superman posture, indoor dock. Look at the leg posture, iss perrfect

This morning was going to be a worrisome 14 miler to work. Glare ice was everywhere and finally it got the better of me and I fall down and go boo boo. Slow to pick myself up I am happy to say this all occurred on the Greenway so hardly a harm or foul. Now, people who drive cars I want to appeal to you, Stay back from bike riders like me who could fall in front of you on winter days like this. One of these days policy makers will make driving aptitude and transportation aptitude all part of the licensing of people maulers for the road.

Bike. Mitts for President.

Well my gear on the XO-4 did not go unscathed. Maybe if I had the balls to deck out my bike in Bar Mitts I could have saved my piece of $hit Falcon thumb shifter. Not so lucky today, the rear shifter broke and I’m just going between my front chain rings tonight up Cathedral Hill. Figure I’ll have to change out to another iteration this weekend. So look for some gooseneck mounted shifters soon. Will experiment with remaining thumbie for better out of the way mounting and test for ergonomics. Suppose a set of better thumbie would have survived impact. Can say REV 2 modification and bar end brake levers were not affected in lay down. This was a low side slide and not to worry just a few bumps on me. Last shot of XO-4 with intact Falcon shifters.

Bridgestone XO-4 with reverse brake levers and Falcon thumb shifters Detroit Handlebar 2012


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