Superman Posture Detroit Handlebar

Superman posture on a bike equipped with a Detroit Bar is proving to be as effective as drop handlebars when going into a headwind as I have found out over time this winter while riding the XO-4. What is Superman posture? In the next few days I’ll have pictures. But for now I can describe it as: hands on the cross member close together near but not touching the gooseneck, arms relaxed but straight, head down and torso all the way back on seat. If you try the same handhold on properly set up drop handlebars the effect would be more upright, Going to the drops is the best aero position. Riding a bull horn stretches you out and is close to the same superman position and then there are Tri-Bars that are best for long distance workout. So, my point being that with commercial set-ups the lengths we go to have an effective ride are specific to the situation we are riding. For urban bike riding or whatever you want to call it to take off in America a look at DIY and the Detroit Bar has to be seriously considered.

Superman position pictures pending approval

So, you think I’m full of it going on about some little handlebar design? Example yesterday riding on bike path into West wind  and a young guy takes off ahead of me. He is about  30 yards ahead when I start to make my move. I drop into the Superman posture and gradually push a little harder and spin faster in my gear and stay in that gear. The young man is riding a very brand new single speed, he seems to be maybe 30 and fit looking. We both are wearing street cloths. His bike is equipped with toe clips and fenders. We both are wearing street shoes. My bike has fenders, a rack, saddlebag and open pedals. It’s the Bridgestone XO-4. I am closing in on the cyclist in no time at all and overtake him easily. This is not a race or a sprint and I don’t intend to break a sweat. The Superman position is there when I need to comfortably make power in a headwind. My experience so far has been on the bike path where I drop into the position for a mile or two. The test yesterday looks like it will be a distant memory  by the end of today as I will have a bigger test getting through the afternoon snow. I just looked outside and it appears the flurries are already coming down. Still, there will be bike riders out. One past my window this very minute. G2G bike more and drive your car less.


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