Bicycle Bloggers Are Believers

Get in Gear Winter is nothing to fear

The common thread between bicycle bloggers is they are believers in some sort of human way and  their point of view is somehow going to win over a portion of people for the love of bicycles. Since I have been blogging for a year I now have a better idea of what my belief is and how I hope people will come to love bicycles. So, I will put my inner self on the line in any variety of ways when I post a blog. Some of the core beliefs I have that I hope will win you over can be crudely categorized as spiritual. Not in the religious sense but, more like in the indigenous way of the spirit. I’ve posted about Kodo, the spirit of motion. The occupy movement had me posting about occupying where we reside and the spirit of bike riding in this place we make our homes and livelihoods. Other posts have called out to bike riders to sense the place we live in and how the car centric culture continues to sap the spirit from us.

I want to make mention as I stated above how other bike blogs are written by believers. Earlier this year one such believer ceased posting. EcoVelo was one of my favorite blogs to go to for the selfish reason that I wanted to read comments to “shiny” bits and bikes. EcoVelo was a true believer in that technology and the upper end buyer of bike bits was going to make the world a better place. Along the same consumerist theme is Lovely Bicycle written by a smitten new comer to bicycles. Her chatter is passive aggressive beliefs. People can identify with a rank amateur making a great blog about all bike things that you could lust after, which for many is just flipping through glossy pages living vicariously through the authoress. Where does that leave more hard core believers like “The formerly super mobidly obese cyclist?” I just happened onto this blog through another site. Listen up! This guy is the Gandhi of believers. The Man weighed close to 600 pounds and owes it to his will to change. He says it all “eat less and move more.” This guy Gary is the real deal America so what does our smug king Bike Snob New York believe in? Well, other than his own self what else is there? I’m all for BSNY to stick it to everyone without compunction. We need funny shit and for the most part he puts out. Like a whore most of the time who performs for regular Johns, takes the sweet accolades and then moves on to real life as DAD and Husband. Great day job if you can get it. West Coast has Portland and I’ll pick on “Taking the Lane.” What is there not to believe in but women’s rights? And all that righteous stuff that can be applicable to all things bike right is something to also believe in. A hard edge at times that might be somewhat bothersome for the male gender but, Elly Blue has to do what she believes in otherwise the white guys will ruin everything. Hey, lastly, Fat Cyclist. Been to his blog and he believes in making the best out of something even when the worst things happen to you. So there we have my rant and blog post for today. Ride your bike more and believe in something because you and your bike are together in spirit.


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