Cockpit Kodo

feb612 002 by domotion2011
feb612 002, a photo by domotion2011 on Flickr.

The Detroit handlebar is the best cockpit for hand and eye coordination and bicycle utility.The Detroit handlebar is a cockpit that naturally accounts for variable rider motion central to the core experience of constant change. The challenge that bike riders are faced with other cockpits is always a compromise between comfort and performance. The Detroit handlebar easily smashes this compromise and all static handlebar designs over short and long distances. The Detroit handlebar performance will trounce moustache bars, bull horns and tall stem racing drops in any urban situation. The Detroit handlebar is only available as DIY Rev 2 modifications for repurposing racing drop handlebars. Invest in your own comfort and superior performance. Be your own expert! Urban transportation can grow only if you are truly comfortable and feel assured that you are getting the most from your equipment.

And one last note: The bicycle industry would like to keep selling bikes that do not conform to the your natural movement. It’s like they perpetuate the sedentary lifestyle of the office worker and it’s chronic conditions associated with static postures. 


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