Kodo Spirit in Motion

Speed post today. Morning read of NY Times and local Star Tribune along with inspiration from journalist daughter is wrapped into my title Kodo Spirit in Motion. Seems as if the experts are saying the same thing about inactive Americans in another article in the Times by Gretchen Reynolds. Study  this time says that interval training is proven to improve cardiovascular in otherwise sedentary lives. So, the study goes on to say it’s not how much exercise you need but how little you can do to achieve the same results. As the participants acknowledge they just don’t have time for exercise. Now this study doesn’t shed new light on a solution and is rehashing the problem with Americans which is they are pressed for time. At least that is the excuse millions of people use. There is absolutely not a bit of Kodo for people who don’t make the time to move their bodies. For them it’s always a matter of time. Quit watching the clock doc! In the time you take to read this blog you could be ready for a bike ride to work. And believe me when I say that if you can’t ride a bike 10 miles twice a day, just give up!  Like this guy did.

The local rag Star Tribune prevails with news when people have run out of time. As it were on Valentines Day, we had a jumper go into the river from the High Bridge in St. Paul. Guy just ran out of time. He gave up. It’s always the mind that goes when there is no turning back. Pressure man on all of us to squeeze the lemon  out of life. Whatever you call that lemon is your thing. When the lemon is dry go for the lime. So if you have read the experts and tried a few things and even your lord isn’t answering your prayers, then do what I do. Stick it to the man when you bike ride. It is real freedom when you do. Takes a load right off. Helps poor Tanzanians too. Protects them from farmer kings in Iowa if you catch my drift.

Detroit Handlebar for single speed

Bianchi Rollo single speed - finger brake levers- city bike

How to get started on a bike life of adventure is right here on my blog. Just check out Kodo post in archive. There is a bike mantra here in so many words. Then get out your bike, either take it to a bike shop, or do the work yourself and build a new cockpit using the Detroit Bar design and REV 2 modification. It’s important to have an outstanding “cockpit” design to be comfortable and have epic performance. All my bikes are fitted with the Detroit cockpit to benefit me the rider. It is not like some bike company is making money off this design. Or some marketing guru has come up with a gimmick. There is no better expert than the rider. Get aboard your Detroit designed cockpit ASAP to start living, otherwise you are just slowly dying.




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