North Americano izzzz layzy

The North American of the United States is lazy between the ears and has lazy legs. Am I trying to provoke a response in my fit and athletic readers of which I imagine there is one. Or am I provoking the other reader of my blog who is just passing through while surfing some lame brain image I have posted?

Lame Brain Picture

The latter reader is who I am targeting today. You see Monday morning is the day we all get up to begin paying for the weekend that just got over. And what do you do but haul your lazy butt to work in your car or truck. Then for the next five days you spend as much as two thirds of your waking hours sitting down either at a desk or driving and your entire evening on the couch munching with the ole lady. Listen some of you are not that stereotype at all and I want to you to know I won’t let you down without mention. Yeah, you guys work extra hard eating all day and sitting all day. You know who you are big guy! Diet soda’s seem to never work for you. Your ride hasn’t shown up and it would kill you to walk  a few blocks to the bus stop. Anyone who has lost weight is the enemy. They make it seem simple. Move more and eat less they say.

Ok Ok. enough rant. I’m not the FAT Cyclist or Bike Snob New York. Domotion2011 is my blog. It is all about Monday thru Friday making you and your bike the machine you want to be. So this Monday just like last and many more before it I will get on my bike and ride to work. I will take about 150 or minutes today to casually ride round trip through two cities. And then the rest of this week I’ll do it again every morning and evening. The reason is I want to really live, be outside and most importantly, leave something for my kids and their kids. Leave them with a better place to live than when I lived. Would you think about bike riding to work for your kids sake? If not now when?


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